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If you use Parent Pay - have you checked if you have credit?

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If you use Parent Pay - have you checked if you have credit?

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MSE_TineMSE_Tine MSE Staff
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With GCSE kids about to finish their school year and possibly not needing the Parent Pay accounts again - please do check if you have a credit amount and make sure you reclaim it :)

Full details on how is on the FAQ part of Parent Pay :) :money:
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  • PennysmakepoundsPennysmakepounds Forumite
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    Parent Pay is such a con when it comes to credits.

    My child had £25 on her account and I got a letter from the school telling me they will NOT be refunding any outstanding balances.

    I guess she will just have to buy junk food to use it up as she is only in school half days now for the final few GCSE exams.

    Can they legally do that?

    Refuse to credit any outstanding balances?
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  • Mrs_SoupMrs_Soup Forumite
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    I think that only works if the balance is in the general Parentpay account. If it has been moved to school meals or somewhere else that place has to refund it as it is no longer with parentpay. My son has a very small balance in the school dinners bit of parentpay but I will have to get the school meals company to refund it when he eventually leaves. When my older son left they couldn't even transfer the balance to the other child.
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    lesleystrawsonlesleystrawson Forumite
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    I really don't understand why a school would say they are not refunding your child's money. I used to manage Parent pay at a school a little while ago - issuing a refund to an account takes less than a minute! And this was a school that only used PP for school meals.

    I can't see how they have the legal right to keep the money - it doesn't belong to them!!!
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