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Add your feedback on energy supplier Zog Energy

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  • hawkwindhawkwind Forumite
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    Just switched my gas to Zog 2 year fixed as Avro prices has shot up.
    Hopefully everything changes smoothly.
  • Subaru_WRXSubaru_WRX Forumite
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    Had no problems with my time with Zog, I renewed my contract recently too. The online submitting of readings is very simple each month.
  • TafrockTafrock Forumite
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    4 years a very happy zog customer. No frills website. No app just one regular monthly reading at end of month, bill appears around 12th for me

    Very responsive to emails

    I recommend them
  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    Just past half way through my 2 year fix and built up a bit of credit. E-mailed late last night and received a reply at lunch time that they will refund the full credit.
  • I've been with them 4½ years, including several changes of tariff - no problems experienced. The website is no frills, and no app, but it's easy to submit the monthly meter reading online. A bill/statement is sent each month as an attachment to an email - no hassle of logging in so definite thumbs up from me for that.
  • tomtheredtomthered Forumite
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    Like WoollyMan been with them at least 4 years and got to say their customer service is the best. Submit a read at the end of the month and get a bill sent. I stay even though there are slightly cheaper providers.
  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    They are slowing down though, they do sometimes take up to half a day to reply to e-mails :D
  • PennineAcutePennineAcute Forumite
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    Moved my gas over to ZOG. Was previously a customer of Zog before I moved to Utility Point.

    Switch went perfectly and was told that my first payment was 15 July. Checked my online banking on this day, to find that the DD had been refused by my bank. Checked my DD and there was no DD mandate. Phoned the bank and they told me it had been declined due to no mandate being set up.

    Contacted Zog the same day, and later on in the day, had an email requesting if I could make a direct payment for that month's amount. Did this a couple of hours later.

    Next day, I received a snotty email, asking me why I had cancelled the DD, that if I did not set it back up (by completing the DD mandate orm from a link in the email) that my SC and UP would increase. Also asking that if I had an financial difficulties, to contact them.

    I replied to this email, expressing my dissatisfaction that they had sent this, especially as I had contacted them first, the previous day to attempt to sort the matter out.

    They responded with "that email was an auto response" and that they are looking into it.

    As yet, not heard anything else from them and no mandate is showing on my online banking.

    Looks like I will have to keep making direct payments to them.
  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    Quick off the mark with bills this month !
  • Kitchen_SinkKitchen_Sink Forumite
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    What's going wrong with our darling gas supplier???

    Zog Energy were formally often changing their tariffs to bring us the very best, latest prices.

    However, this year, they seem to have not changed their prices since March (save for a reduction last month to their expensive, variable tariff, Juniper, presumably to comply with the Ofgem price cap)

    On Monday, 14-Oct-2019, they finally updated their prices to all their other tariffs.
    But whilst the general price of gas is falling with most suppliers, Zog has increased theirs! I have to look quite a long way down a comparison site to find them now whereas they have usually been within the top 3 if not top.

    I've also noticed from their billing, that their customer numbers have stalled this year, too.

    What are they playing at?
    Are they in financial difficulty, or are they building up a war chest to fund the launch of electricity tariffs, originally promised for last year, but then at the end of last year, promised for the end of this year?
    (I have noticed Ofgem revoking some suppliers energy tariffs recently if a supplier does not use them i.e. supply the fuel they are licenced to supply)

    Glad we're on a long fix, but when that ends, if they continue as they have done this year, looks like we may have to switch. But that won't be until the Spring, assuming they last that long.
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