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Clarification on What Can be Claimed

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peterwmacpeterwmac Forumite
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I've recently been enquiring about the potential of PPI being included in insurances related to two mortgages, (we moved from Halifax to Principality for a better deal). Both have responded with confirmation that no PPI was involved with either of the mortgages. So PPI claim stops here.
However both companies required a buildings and contents insurance policy to be established I would not question this it is important, however both required that insurance was purchased through them.
Looking through some old records (incomplete and sketchy) I do note that the cost for the insurances provided via Halifax and Principality were high (maybe twice the market rate).
I'm assuming that the additional cost was related to commission paid to the lenders. At the time there was no indication or quantification of a commission fee.
I appreciate the difference between this situation and PPI, however Plevin appears to highlight an expectation of transparency regarding high commission payments, so I'd be interested if any grounds for claim or recovery exist. If so what is the next step, if not I guess everything stops here.


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    Building and Contents insurance is NOT PPI.
    It was indeed compulsory.
    The commission paid is irrelevant as it's NOT PPI.
    The fact that cheaper B&C insurance was available is, again, irrelevant.
    The end (of your complaint).
  • Thank you "Moneyineptitude"
    I understoodthis was not PPI related, but was interested on whether a "suspected" large commission fee collected by the lender could be challenged using a Plevin type argument.
    Clearly not, again thanks. As you say, the end.
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    I understoodthis was not PPI related, but was interested on whether a "suspected" large commission fee collected by the lender could be challenged using a Plevin type argument.

    There has never been a regulatory requirement to disclose commission. Indeed, there still isnt today. The Plevin outcome came about due to a change in s140a of the consumer credit act 2006 (Effective 2008).

    Home insurance doesnt come under the consumer credit act. Also, a lot of mortgages didnt either. They came under MCOB for many years.

    Plus, even if it did, the typical commission on home insurance is around 12-30%. Well under the tipping point used for PPI Plevin outcomes.
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
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    One last point in any cases such as this. While a certain level of insurance may have been required on the product type, you didn't have to take that product and could have chosen another from literally thousands of others from other lenders. I would imagine that you were very happy with the product as it was a "better deal" which is why it was chosen.

    I do wish that we would start to see Complaints for what they actually are, rather than digging around in the dirt. Complaints should always be dealt with thoroughly and fairly and we all should be able to claim for what is wrongfully sold or where mistakes happen.
    Claiming for something we "hope" for is altogether different
    I work in Data Protection and spend my days dealing with CMC's. Only here trying to help!!
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