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Viagogo... help please!

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Firstly, I am stupid for not reading reviews or researching beforehand. I first tried to sell a ticket for wireless festival which is being held on 5th of July that I can no longer attend on stubhub but they clearly stated that the deadline for posting the ticket is 28th of June 2019, this is the same date that I am due to receive my ticket so I thought let’s not risk it incase I don’t make that deadline. I found viagogo and I clearly read all the FAQ and terms and conditions where I understood that as long as the customer receives their ticket on time and gets into the event then I will be paid so I thought that’s fair and went ahead and placed the ticket on sale. It was not AFTER the ticket sold, I got an email telling me I need to post the ticket by 25th of June (10 days before the event) and that if I don’t I will be charged for replacement tickets. I feel like I have been lied to and obligatory information was not provided for me when I agreed to sell the tickets. I have contacted viagogo and they cannot extend the deadline date and are telling me they have to charge me for replacement tickets and cancellation fees now. I did not agree to these terms and obviously wish to not pay these fees. Is there anything I can do or do Viagogo have all the rights in this situation?


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