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Ex partner & a dfs sofa on finance!!!

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JoobylooJoobyloo Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in MoneySaving Dads
Myself & my partner (now ex) bought a sofa from DFS on 4 years interest free approx 15 months ago. The credit agreement is in his name but I'd set up a standing order to him each month for half the amount, so we were both paying for it . He has now ended the relationship and moved out (leaving the sofa) and there's no way of contacting him!!!! Do i carry on paying him half the money and trust that he is going to pay it?? Not sure what to do and where i stand as the finance agreement is in his name but the sofa is at my address!!! I would be grateful of any advice 👍


  • BAFEBAFE Forumite
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    If the finance agreement is in his name then the onus is on him to contact the finance company. I wouldn't continue to make payments to him by standing order because you've got no proof that that money is going to the finance company. Ultimately, the finance company will look to him for payment and won't care at all that you have been paying a certain amount every month to him by standing order
  • It does not matter whether he pays or not. If he is not paying then DFS will not repossess the sofa, DFS will pursue him for the debt.

    They bought sofa together so she should pay her half.

    In other words: she has agreement with him to pay him half the sofa, not with the DFS.
  • spadooshspadoosh Forumite
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    I would continue to pay half.

    The liability lies with him to pay DFS. However you are liable to him to pay half of that cost if that is the agreement between you.

    DFS wont chase you for the sofa. But your ex could take you to small claims court providing he can offer enough evidence to suggest that there was a private agreement in place. I suspect the relationship and the standing order for half of the amount from when the sofa was bought would be fairly good evidence.

    You can of course choose not to pay and wait and see if he looks at recovery. Youll have opportunity to settle any payments before anything bad happens (at least on the civil court side of things, theres no knowing how hell react to it.)
  • getmore4lessgetmore4less Forumite
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    Has he done a postal redirect?
  • If there's no way of contacting him, stop the standing order but pay the same into a separate savings account.
    That way, if you're needed to pay half as was agreed then the money is there. But also means that the ex can't do a runner with your money
  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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    How much is owing on the sofa? If you have the sofa, irrespective of whose name it is in, it's you that's sitting on it. If you can why not contact the lender to see if you can make arrangements to pay for it?

    When you look at some of the other posts by people going through the arguing and bitterness and misery of losing/not seeing their children, this is after all only a bit of furniture.
  • The_Fat_ControllerThe_Fat_Controller Forumite
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    Unless the runaway ex is dead, there is always a way to contact him.

    Put the money aside as suggested, do not pay it to him and that will concentrate his mind on the subject.
  • TripleHTripleH Forumite
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    Agree, put the money to one side so its there if you need to pay it over. Stop the transfer though. If say it has 24 months left on the loan and in 12 months time you could always pay DFS a lump sum payment (6 months) direct assuming its possible thus if repayments are being met by your ex will be a bonus all round.
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