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Still paying mortgage & benefits

edited 2 June 2019 at 7:35AM in MoneySaving Dads
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edited 2 June 2019 at 7:35AM in MoneySaving Dads
About 3+ months ago I left the family home. The agreement was we would keep the house in joint names and mortgage in joint names and she would pay it as was confident her benefits would cover it.
In all the time since I moved out she has paid £0 towards bills despite her benefits being awarded. My kids have told me they’ve been away to concerts, had parties etc yet still I am expected to pay all their bills including such things as broadband! Now found out shortly after I left she moved her ex in!!!!
She’s wanting nearly £500 a month in maintenance and is still failing to make any contribution towards mortgage. As it’s in joint names I can’t let it default as this will go against me. I get my kids need a roof over their head but I can’t get my own place with still having this commitment yet she’s living a luxury life now with her ex and I’m paying for it?!!! Only thing I can see is get a solicitor involved to sell the house as mortgage company won’t let her take it on with only benefits as income and over £190,000 left on the mortgage. I have about £40,000 equity in the house as well.


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    Use the maintanence calculator and stick to that only. The house needs to be sold if she cannot run it with benefits and your contribution. Move back in to if you need to 'focus' her mind.
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    Is £500 what you are obligated to pay according to the CMS website?
    I think that you can get a solicitors agreement so that the maintenance goes straight towards the mortgage and at least this will ensure that there are no defaults on the mortgage whilst your arranging to sell the property.

    Have you been to mediation yet?
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