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Why is it always....

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  • ToxicWombleToxicWomble Forumite
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    Some really interesting responses so far, thanks all.
    Glad I am not alone
    Some good suggestions for reading material as well thanks
  • PennywisePennywise Forumite
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    People aren't taught enough about "cause and effect" and "actions have consequences". Youngsters get away with small things, so when they are out in the real world, they think they can just make big things go away too. What we need is a lot more "tough love" at younger ages so people learn when the consequences aren't quite so great and take more care in later years when the consequences are a lot more serious.

    I also think that there's a lot more casual dishonesty these days. People think they can get away with lies to get them out of a sticky situation and then take offence when those lies come back to haunt them. In other cultures, you abided by laws and honesty because it was the done thing - nowadays, there's a tendency to ignore laws that you think you'll get away with. We seem to have a distorted moral compass.
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