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annual limit and tax relief

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mpensionmpension Forumite
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I wonder if I can get some advice please?

I have searched on google for an answer, but all seem to say the same thing without actually aswering my question.

Regarding the annual limit (40,000). if a person earns 80,000 and wants to put in the max, is that 40k from their wages, or is it 40k including tax relief?

Not sure if that makes sense, but wondering if its 26k(ish) and made up to 40k with the tax relief or 40k then tax relief added?

also, is there a calculator to tell me ho much relief i will get on an amount (e.g 28k), that will calculate the 20% and 40% parts - so what will go in in total?

Many thanks for any help. If there's a site that will explain this - I'd be happy to go to it and read.


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