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Re - Aldermore Mortgage timescale

edited 9 May 2019 at 2:52PM in Mortgages & Endowments
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  • nattybuknattybuk Forumite
    50 posts
    DIP came through today, now waiting on the big application results
  • FTBLBFTBLB Forumite
    7 posts
    Hope you valuation went ok?
    We have had some exciting news that our Mortage application has been accepted!!
    Took just over 3 weeks from when we put full application in. Hope you all get the same news soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  • redman1989redman1989 Forumite
    64 posts
    I think it did! It was carried out on Thursday I got a copy of the report yesterday, said had been some slight movement but it was old and wasn't progressive, It was suitable security and it wouldn't need any further survey which was a relief!

    The last report said it had structural issues, it wanted a full retention, full structural survey etc.

    Great news about the accepted app! When do you get the offer?!
  • nattybuknattybuk Forumite
    50 posts
    Little more progress :)

    P60s requested a few days ago.

    We need to raise a little more towards the deposit before a offer is submitted to us.

    Valuation has been instructed though :)
  • Update - got our offer today :)
  • EjstarEjstar Forumite
    3 posts
    That's great news. I think mine is on it's way. They've had all the documents and the valuation, my broker said it was scheduled to be signed off today. Excited isn't the word.

    Did the offer come through the post? Eeeeeee

    Solicitors are busy doing their thing. Just can't wait to exchange and complete!!
  • My MB informed me verbally but getting it all out in the post over the next days.

    Annoying thing is though our sale may fall through or be delayed but we have enough money for deposit & stamp duty just need to speak to aldermore about them still lending! fingers crossed.
  • Jane._WorriedJane._Worried Forumite
    21 posts
    Sorry to jump in on your thread but I got a DIP from Aldermore on 12th August, put offer in on house which was refused, went on holiday following day and when we came home upped our offer which was accepted so proceeded with full mortgage application. Got message from MA to say they’ve assessed the case everything looks ok but will go to underwriter, asked for a couple more documents which MA already had.
    We have historical bad credit, CCJ (paid) used pay day loans up to 6 months ago but been paid off.
    I’m asking for £105000 mortgage on a £227500 house.
    The sad thing is me and mainly my husband are !!!! (sorry) with money! But the one thing I did right was bought my mums house for her when she retired so she could live mortgage/ rent free, so that’s why now I’ve got a decent deposit.
    Any comments or advice welcome
  • Jane._WorriedJane._Worried Forumite
    21 posts
    Redman1989 what was your outcome?
  • Just waiting now. MA seems positive but all down to underwriters ��
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