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    I reserved a seat on a connecting train but it was occupied by a man who refused to move. I have a serious medical condition and cannot stand for long. Spoke to the ticket inspector who asked the man to move, but he refused. To avoid arguments, the ticket inspector took me to a first class seat, giving me a note to show he had moved me.
    Thank you Virgin Trains for employing a member of staff who handled the situation. In some countries the man in my seat would have been put off the train.
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    Quite common sadly, I have a disabled railcard and have had rude comments in past when I went to my booked seat. and on the flip side when I sit in a non reserved seat and someone who has reserved one seat comes on with a friend/partner and expects me to move.

    Eitther way on the isue at hand sometimes people can miss trains and have an open ticket, sometimes one train can be a hour late and so its quicker to get another train.
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    lisyloo wrote: »
    Or perhaps 114 people book on the next train 10 minutes later or earlier?

    Some Virgin services are hourly or longer.
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