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Advice and recommendations please! CCTV security cameras

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  • googlergoogler Forumite
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    Nilrem wrote: »
    Personally one of the problems I would have with using wireless cameras is that if the channel gets busy, or there is interference from other devices the camera is likely to either stop working totally, or go very blocky.

    I/we have a three-camera wireless setup, and have NEVER known this to happen.
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  • I bought a floodlight security camera from LUTEC, they have a great range of different styles available and I highly recommend them. It's easy to access live footage from an app and communicate too, so great for your front door!
  • Frozen_up_northFrozen_up_north Forumite
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    A couple of points in addition to those already mentioned. IP network wired cameras (that are powered via the network cable) aren’t that hard to install if you pick locations that allow for easy wiring. You will need to drill quite a hole to take an RJ45 plug though, not a problem with a decent DIY grade hammer drill. Don’t forget that “wireless” camera needs power too.

    Spiders love cameras, make sure you can reach then with a long shaft cobweb brush. If you need a ladder to clear a cobweb it’s not going to happen late at night when you notice the problem.

    An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is well worth adding to your system, I use an APC BE700G-UK. Obviously it will power the cameras too when using network cameras powered from the recorder. Before fitting the UPS I had problems with mains glitches upsetting the recorder. Cost of the UPS is around £88 from eBay. The batteries are easy and cheap to replace when necessary. These particular supplies have 4 x “13A” sockets (plus 4 that aren’t battery backed) and are silent in use.
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    thatthat Forumite
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    Nilrem wrote: »
    .... how it's dealing with low light ;)
    Seen the IMX226 Sony starvis module? Amazing! Look on youtube.

    bowkett, if you so not know what you are doing, you may learn a lot from buying Neos Smartcam for £20 for indoor use and just fiddling
  • bouicca21bouicca21 Forumite
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    Is it possible to have a camera indoors that covers outside through the window? I’m not allowed to mount one outside.
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    thatthat Forumite
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    bouicca21 wrote: »
    Is it possible to have a camera indoors that covers outside through the window? I’m not allowed to mount one outside.

    During the day it often works fine, Rain on the glass does spoil the picture a bit. some of the outside ones have a cowl (peaked lid) so the lens may stay drop free, a pointing downwards camera helps too.

    They work also at night, providing the camera does not have a built in IR source. When the IR hits the inside glass it reflects into the camera and it often makes the picture useless. Work around it is to put some black tape over the LEDs and put a pir spot light outside. On more expesive cameras you can turn the IR leds off.

    also if the room is lit, or sunlight comes in from another windows, hits the window where the camera is located, then that also could reflect. Putting a camera in a shoe box with the open side pressed against the window fixes this. Direct sunlight on the lens can also be an issue, so you would move the camera to the back of the box letting the top for a cowl (sunshade). A shortened cardboard core from a toilet roll held with duct tape also works to some extent :)

    My camera has movement detection. It sits indoors and monitors a small portion of my letter box. Should I get post , or should the door move I get alerts. it was once silver but clouds and sunlight made false triggers, so parts has a a strip of mat black gaffer tape on it
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