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Oil boiler grant

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BabycatdiamondBabycatdiamond Forumite
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Hi all
I'm new here so I am hoping I have posted in the correct place.

I own my home a detached bungalow which has oil as heating. The boiler is over 15 years old and we have to keep resetting it. I am disabled and in receipt of PIP (higher on both) and ESA income related Support group. Husband is in receipt of Carers.

I have seen these companies on line who have my application. One in particular have advised me I qualify but the scheme rules keep changing. They thought that this year they could do oil Grant's however after speaking to them they told me they have got to earn points as a company through installations before they can go to boiler grants? They told me that the companies are hoping that the point system is being scrapped to allow a sole boiler grant on it's own to qualify instead of a company building these points.

Does anyone know any details about this or has anyone received a oil grant? Would love any advise and info of others experiences.

Many thanks



  • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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    Have you tried npower?

    or perhaps Age UK for info if applicable, or one of the charities or trusts relative to your disability who should be able to give you information.
  • G_MG_M Forumite
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    As an alternative, 15 years may not be that old - Mine was 28 before I had to replace it!

    'Constantly resetting'? I had this within 2 years of installing the new boiler. OFTEC engineer kept coming back so often he stopped charging me for visits as within a week of him 'fixing' it, I'd be resetting it every day again and calling him back.

    Eventually I decided either I'd bought a duff boiler (which would have been an expensive mistake) or had a duff engineer.....

    So called a new engineer who diagnosed over the phone. Came and replaced the solonoid.

    Boiler has worked like a dream ever since.
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