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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts Xmas Saver!
    VULPIX you’re definitely on a roll with the fundraising, you’ve done amazingly well. Good luck with unearthing your treasures from the loft. I’m still laughing at the idea of DH as Daddy Pig.

    MURIE I think May might be a bit early even for us Christmas nuts - or is it?

    MRSINVIS that’s so annoying. I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to notify you a few weeks before they auto renew not just tell you they’ve done it so give them what for :D.
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    vulpix please be careful in the loft! Well done on all the fundraising, I need to do a car boot but finding the time ATM is a struggle, free weekends are few and far between and I don't really want to shoehorn something else in... so currently it's looking like August :eek: that never seems a good time as people are either all on holiday or just out for a stroll with the kids. I shall have to see.
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  • nic2075nic2075 Forumite
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    Nice to see you post Free. Hope the black cloud lifts and you feel more yourself. Xx

    Another cat lover here. We have an all black cat called Salem. We have had mainly all black cats. Apart from our ginger cat we had about 10 years ago. But I find I’m drawn to the black cats for some reason.

    I’m on the count down to our holiday in France. I really need to get more spending money together. I just never have any spare left at the end of the month. Going to get more listed on eBay and I’m keeping at my surveys. I’ve made £200 odd on surveys along since January :j
  • mrsinvisiblemrsinvisible Forumite
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    Vulpix and Nic well done on the fundraising. I never got the hang of e-bay or facey thing so l am in awe of anyone who does it.
    Got the repayment of DS2s insurance sorted out, (my email, my credit card, my name as an additional driver, but no, they have to speak to DS2 ).
    The curry was spectacular, l love really hot ones, as does one of DS2s friends so we had the house special a Bolleywood Burner, hotter than our usual Phal, OMG it was divine, but it took 2 pints of water.
    Have mapped out my friends mandatory recon request, just need to refine it a bit, eg take out 4 letter expletives and references to lies, then we just need confirmation notes from GP and it can go.
    DGS1 is in the middle of his GCSEs and has actually done some revision, and thinks he has done ok so far. His girlfriend and he did an hour and a half of maths last night, it was lovely to see them showing each other the bits one knew that the other didn't .
    Peppa, l love the idea of your DH being daddy pig, and videoing cats.
    Christmas wise, the stash has gone down by two, friend needed a raffle prize and l found an undelivered box of shortbread so it has gone in the snack cupboard.
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    vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    edited 21 May 2019 at 8:06AM
    DD2 has her maths GCSE today too.Fingers crossed.She has to then leave and go to a placement at a local hotel for work experience.Yesterday she did work experience 8 - 4 then on to college to work at a fundraising dinner for BHF.Catering college btw.Welcome to the world of employment DD1.The dinner was beautiful and in beautiful surroundings.Google Devonshire Dome.I worked there in the 70's when it was a hospital as a nurse cadet.

    Already sold a lot of things from the loft and have earmarked some more to list today.Not got the big buck items now but it all adds up.I am just pleased to be decluttering.Which we did the last 3 moves or so we thought!So some more bits from the loft to go which are too heavy for me to help get down,couple of kitchen gadgets then onto 2 sheds and a garage!Think we should be able to do 2K before the hols.

    Well done Nic on surveys.I have no clue how to get into that,but it sounds interesting.Mrs I I have given up on ebay.It is just too complicated and expensive to use now. I love curry,I always have jalfrezi.If its very firey milk is my drink or if we are on the curry mile lassi,yum yum.Haha to your bolshy form filling.I wonder if it would make a diffirence if you sent it!

    DD1 came yesterday on her way back from Granada where her friend lives.Gave her lots of plants from the garden and stuff I had potted up for her.Her massive garden had been covered in gravel,it must have cost a fortune.

    I am having a lazy day today.My foot tells me I have been doing too much recently.

  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Xmas Saver!
    Mrs I my hubby would love the Bollywood Burner - curry hotter the better as far as he's concerned. I'll send him over next time you're having one :D

    nic well done on the surveys, I find I don't really have the patience to do them but do shop n scan which helps fund my Kindle habit and the odd Royal Mail Correctly delivered survey where the £5 vouchers (although not much for 2 weeks data) add up and cover things often in Wilko (who doens't love exciting things like 'free' compost and washing up liquid :rotfl:)

    vulpix I pretty much gave up on the fleabay years ago, by the time they've taken their 10% Final Value Fee, plus 10% on postage and then PayPal have taken their share of payment funds, unless it's something that commands a decent price, it's hardly worth it these days - gone are the days of being able to flog things for a few quid and still make the pennies add up.

    Nothing to report on the Christmas front here - although a local independent shop where I was planning to get a friend's gift from (probably) has just closed down :( Lease was up but hopefully they may find new premises nearby.
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  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts Xmas Saver!
    I find the trick with eBay is to only sell higher value stuff and only when they’re doing a ‘max £1 selling fees’ offer. I’ve just sold a fireplace suite for £150 and the eBay fee was £1:T Unfortunately although the buyer collected it he did pay by PayPal so no getting out of their fees this time.

    Lower value stuff sells well on local Facebook selling groups and you don’t have to worry about postage:D:D. Unfortunately I haven’t got anything left to sell as I’m a ruthless declutterer so nothing stays around for long. DH is hanging on by a thread:rotfl:
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • 0462418104624181 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Wow where has the last few weeks gone? Its been a whirlwind of appointments, paperwork, GCSEs, DIY and general life. I am still waiting for my operation. Looking forward to the kids being off for a week. Yesterday was DS last official day in school. They are now on study leave and only go into school for the last 2 weeks of their exams and then it is Prom!

    GIYD- Hope you are all doing ok. Thinking of you xx
    3forholidays-thanksfor the well wishes, hope you ok x
    Vulpix- Wow foot reconstruction! sounds painful. Do you hate your boot as much as I hate mine? I know it makes it easier for me to be mobile but I resent wearing it and feel so cumbersome in it. Well done on your sales. We had to declutter before the move and I wish we had more time to sell things instead of me sending to tip and charity shop. We can always declutter more so will sell if we have anything of interest. So glad to hear your mobility is improving. Im still awaiting my operation and its getting harder to accept I have to stay in so I make myself go out and end up in pain and then end up being stuck in again. the circle of non aceeptance lol
    Murie- How are you? How is Mr Murie after his pergola incident? Hope you all ok. How did you get on with your paper flowers?
    Nic2075- Congratulations to your daughter. you must be a very very proud mum, amazing x xx
    Gettingtherequickly- wow three Christmas cakes! you are so organised. Do you or anybody know of a Christmas cake recipe where they blitz the fruit so it is lump free mixture? It ends up being a really moist cake but there are no lumps of raisins etc?

    Prinzessilein-Welcome to the thread. Love that you have a Forever Christmas corner in your living room xx
    Peppa- How are you doing? Decoupaging wooden ducks sounds lovely. You must be fed up with PIP. I hope they finally do make the payment for you. We used to have a lovely Jack Russell named Tess who had the biggest ears you have ever seen on a small dog. She hated everybody except us, biting the vet everytime we went. She was fiercely loyal and an absolute love bug with us all. She had to be put down over 20 years ago and my dad still refuses to get another dog as we were all devastated.
    Free- how are you doing lovely, sorry to hear you have
    Princesskitty- hope you and the family are all well xx
    kerrigt-all this cat talk is making me cat jealous lol I would seriously think about adopting a cat/kitten but we already have a dog who is 12 so that keeps making me think I should wait and not introduce another pet at her late stage in life. She has arthritis and cataracts and I would hate for her to be upset.
    MrsI- sorry to hear about your friends PIP. Its hard to go through the PIP renewal and all that entails wthout being rejected. I hope everything gets sorted out for them. My DS is doing his GCSEs too. Feel like time has just flown by.

    Sorry if I have missed anybody, big hugs to all xxx
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    mrsinvisiblemrsinvisible Forumite
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    edited 25 May 2019 at 8:04AM
    Hi 0426..... lovely to see you. My word, you have been busy.
    Half term has arrived, a breather from GCSEs and time to do fun things for all our year 11s.
    DS2 had his visit with OT and she is recommending wet room, new boiler, new kitchen around his disabilities, and is starting a DLF grant application. If he only gets the wet room we will be so grateful.
    DD is getting a refit of her stairlift on Thursday, hopefully the seat and track will work, as when it was installed the chair kept jumping off at the corners and l have this image of DD being propelled through the air like an ejector seat in an aeroplane.
    Was gifted a new(er)phone last week from DNIL(dear niece in law--if such a relationship exists?) so she transferred all my stuff over from old phone, l gave old phone to friend, checked new phone and found most of my stored numbers had vanished, so rang friend to get them off old phone, but...… she had wiped them. so it has been a busy time trying to get hold of the numbers.
    The weather continues kind to me, loads more tubs and baskets, still lots of plants left, might put them at the gate with a help yourself notice.
    Well better get the tail feathers a shake, and get out of bed. A whole new day to make a mess of awaits. Have a great bank holiday, everyone. x
  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    Hi,I am unable to move.Wild boy has come and lay next to me and is touching my leg !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have ditched the boot as it is so cumbersome and the height difference in
    legs make my knee hurt.I think I can still walk the same distance with or without it. Not far at all!

    Still beavering away with sales.£2,200 up to date.Ah can go ,he has had enough.DD stroked his tail yesterday.

    Laters Vx
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