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PC Gaming VS Console Gaming - What's your opinion

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    dan958dan958 Forumite
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    motorguy wrote: »
    And yes, there are many valid reasons for preferring PC gaming to console, however "because not knowing if my console will play a previous console game is a problem i dont want to have to deal with" is a new one on me....

    Backwards compatability has always been a massive complaint for people when it comes to consoles. If this is the first time you have heard about it, you are living under a rock.

    A great example of this is that they have just announced they are working on Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2. I felt like playing the original again, a game from 2004. I was able to quickly install and play this. Whereas on consoles (I know that this game is not out on console, it is just an example) you have to either keep all your old consoles, or you just have to hope that the game you want to play has been made backwards compatible on a new console, or re-released.

    I enjoy playing older video games, so this is a big plus for me. If you only play things from the latest generation then I can see why you wouldn't care about this feature - but this thread is asking for my opinion on PC vs console.
  • I personally find that every time I've tried to pick up PC gaming, getting used to mouse and keyboard is very overwhelming. Controllers minimise the controls to everything functionally required, and while you can't be as accurate with aiming like in an FPS, I much prefer movement with a controller. If you're that bothered about specs and feel the need to spend thousands on a PC to run pretty much every game possible, you can just get best of both worlds and link a controller to a PC. There is plenty of ways to map a controller for PC use, and that way you can enjoy either high-spec. or modded games while getting the controller side of console.

    However, to play high spec games, you have to spend a lot more on a PC than you would on a console, which is dedicated to getting the best out of your gaming experience for the most affordable price. For example, the Xbox One X can easily provide a 4k experience, or sacrifice some of the picture quality to increase the Frames Per Second to 60fps. In my opinion this is not that bad of a sacrifice, since to me, while the difference between 1080p and 4k is noticeable, it is not that crucial to have a game constantly running 60fps to get the best gaming experience. Take Red Dead Redemption 2 for example. This game focuses heavily on visuals and story-telling, sometimes playing more like a movie than a video game. Movies play at 24fps, so running a AAA title at 4k 30fps would still provide a quality gaming experience.

    Overall, for customisation, PC always wins. But a console shouldn't be automatically be deemed 'inferior' just because it can't achieve 120fps, or 60fps with 4k. It will still give you the best, most consistent gaming experience for a fraction of the price of a PC build.
  • Pc gaming is good
  • joeypescijoeypesci Forumite
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    Hi Bigphil

    You don't need to fiddle around with upgrades with a console. They just work.

    Here is a good question. Has anybody ever played minecraft on both console and computer and does anybody have a preference?

    Same question with regards to Call of duty? Any difference between console COD and PC COD?

    Played Minecraft on PC and Switch. Much better on the PC. Easier to control and more features.
  • PC and console different things why compare them?
  • BrowniezBrowniez Forumite
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    William1ne wrote: »
    PC and console different things why compare them?

    Well, because PC is considered by many a synonym of a game platform same as consoles.
    However, PC has mods, and consoles do not. Take Garry's mod, for example, it's a huge sandbox which hugely relies on modding, which is not possible on consoles. Check for yourself, here's the link -
    I was a hardcore PC gamer as a teenager, I was playing classic RPGs like Baldurs Gate 2 and strategies like Age of Empires 3, but when I got older I couldn't afford to play a lot. Now it's just easier to buy a console which allows you to play a game right out of the box.
  • smartmartinsmartmartin Forumite
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    Many good games are only available in consoles.
  • duggan1duggan1 Forumite
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    Many good games are only available in consoles.

    Same can be said for PCs. Consoles are getting some grand strategy now. Stellaris is out on consoles, wonder if it grinds in late game.
  • Billy101Billy101 Forumite
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    Hey.. I game on both. I have a PS4 pro and a good custom rig for gaming. I enjoy FPS games more on PC and I play sony's exclusives on console like GOD of war series, Uncharted series and other games. Right now I am waitin for Days gone.

    Btw, did anyone play anthem? I tried it on beta testing and the game was full of bugs and glitches.
  • BkndBknd Forumite
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    As for me, I would definitely choose console!
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