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What are you doing with your Sunday?

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  • Finchy2018Finchy2018 Forumite
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    Got up and went for a run to shake off my slight Eurovision hangover. The little robot vacuum did his job on the ground floor and I did a general tidy.
    Cooked a roast.
    It's the 2nd anniversary of my dad passing so I've moped around a whole lot today.
  • Hectors_HouseHectors_House Forumite
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    I’m at work until Wednesday so:

    Up at 4am with client then got her settled back in bed. She got back out whilst I was climbing the stairs to my room (so I didn’t hear her doing it on the baby monitor in my room).

    Up at 6am to find client asleep in armchair and signs she had tried (and failed to make a cup of coffee).

    Client tired and confused so sat with her and settled her (will help her bathe later when she’s more alert).

    Got medication and breakfast done. Settled her again then started cooking Sunday roast.

    Put two lots of wash on.

    Called partner and helped him with a query about some medication he is taking.

    Served lunch (client is now more alert) then washed pots.

    Went round house with client watering the plants then sat and did jigsaw together.

    Break started at 2pm but got interrupted cus client decided to leave the house (you need eyes in your !!!! in this job).

    Client settled down so I made us a cup of coffee and we chatted.

    Break over and I did some ironing.

    Prepared late tea and meds for client and we are now sitting reading our books and watching the birds in the garden.

    Not a bad day.
  • splishsplashsplishsplash Forumite
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    Played with a balloon, played a fishing game, played some football, ate blue ice-cream, went for a walk and told the time by blowing clocks, examined a building site and learned about diggers, excavators, low-loaders, backhoe loaders and the difference between a boom and a dipper arm. Didn't learn much - they all look the same to me.

    Then I returned my three year old grandson to his mother, made dinner, said goodbye to my son who is heading off for a couple of weeks.

    Played some more football and did a bit of colouring. Played with a balloon again and played a LOT with dinosaurs.

    Handed back my grandson again, now watching tv. I really should do an hour's paperwork but meh... effort.
    I'm an adult and I can eat whatever I want whenever I want and I wish someone would take this power from me.
    -Mike Primavera
  • svainsvain Forumite
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    Sunday is a day of rest. Lie in till 10am, leisurely breakfast and catch up with reading papers, out for a pub roast lunch and afternoon chilling with TV
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