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Eurovision 2019 - BBC 1 @ 2000 Saturday May 18

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  • dontonedontone Forumite
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    I'm really annoyed by it this year. I didn't expect us to win, but I felt that it was very unfair on the UK. That lad did well, but was treated badly.
    Holland know where to shove their clogs and space cake.
    I'm rather miffed atm.
    Same time next year than?
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    fun4everyonefun4everyone Forumite
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    Thanks for the thread everyone, good banter
  • Mrs_RyanMrs_Ryan Forumite
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    He definitely didn’t deserve that. It just goes to show that it’s got nothing at all to do with music and all to do with politics.
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  • colinwcolinw Forumite
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    Night All x
  • 50Twuncle50Twuncle Forumite
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    Who else believes that the time has come for UK to resign from Eurovision ?
    I mean – last night was a big joke – not in a nice way either
    There was no way that our entry should have come last
    And as for the piratical OAP – Singing two songs totally flat – Why bother and what were her costs ?
    I have read that she cost $1million to perform and this was covered by a Canadian-Israeli billionaire
    How can a runover cat cost so much ?
    Then there’s the block voting (which I will admit was reduced this year)
    And why do Australia and Israel get to be members of the European “club”
    Why not Brazil or China ?
    Time to call the song contest a day …....
    Things may (or may not) get better
  • balletshoesballetshoes Forumite
    16.6K posts
    just popped in to say thanks for the company last night :). I left before saying goodbye - how rude!

    I am ambivalent about UK being placed last after the public vote last night - it was as Quasar put it - soup, and it wasn't even minestrone, it was a clear broth. UK gave its 12 points in the public vote to Norway - which I'm on board with.

    I was literally on the edge of my sofa during the public voting results - you can't deny its a fabulous way of keeping the audience until the very last minute. But it must be absolutely horrible for the competitors, I just wanted to give the Swedish guy a hug after he lost.

    UK and the other straight-to-the-final countries should definitely stop being major contributors and then be treated the same as everyone else.

    Didn't watch Madame Pirate, and from what i've seen on here and other forums, I made the right decision ;).
  • vivatifosivivatifosi Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Mortgage-free Glee! PPI Party Pooper
    Didn't join in last night. I am a die hard Eurovision fan, have been to the contest twice. This year it was too far, so went to Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam instead.

    I've seen Michael Rice sing the song live twice and he is a competent singer. However he has absolutely zero charisma or stage presence. He was also singing a second choice song written by someone who didn't win.

    If we want to do well, we need to stop what we are doing and use a similar format to Sweden or Australia. Not target winning initially, but to get on the left hand side.

    Look also at the big 5 and host. 4 of them were bottom right. It is a big impediment as they dont get the same exposure. Soldi was a hit over Europe in the months before (the only real hit in depth) and Bilal (France) is a blogger with a huge presence online. Not easy to compete against either.
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  • no1catmanno1catman Forumite
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    We have the most successful 'Pop' industry in Europe but for our stars - the Eurovision is so un-cool it' the kiss of death to be involved.
    But if the Beeb knew the Spice girls were getting back to together would it have been so impossible to get them involved!?

    Our approach via 'talent shows' clearly isn't working so if (and it's a big if) we are to stay in it - there is IMHO an alternative.
    Rather than continue with the 'Pop' route, let's go back to our British roots - something like 'Men aloud' or the 'Fishermen's Friends'.

    I can imagine the latter with stirring sea shanties with evocative film of sailing ships in rough sea is shown on the background!
    I used to work for Tesco - now retired - speciality Clubcard
  • I would like to see DPRK in Eurovision

  • steve900steve900 Forumite
    82 posts
    Darn, I wish I knew this thread was here before now.

    Well I tuned in, had my score cards, telephoned and voted for my favourite and then threw my remote control across the room at the end!!!

    Best wishes to the Netherlands on winning, but I don't understand the results at all.

    I am so out of tune with what Europe seems to like, I feel old or I have bad taste.

    I did note that the jury of Norway, Hungary, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, and Switzerland gave us points. None of them even our neighbours but how the voting goes is really most bizzare.
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