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I Satellite Services

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  • coffeehoundcoffeehound Forumite
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    It’s depressing that this group, using the same number, has been recognised (and presumably reported) as a scam outfit back in September, yet is still going about its seedy business over five months later. Is there no organisation to shut these parasites down? Little wonder the UK is such a magnet for crims.
  • Champ1960Champ1960 Forumite
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    Found this when I searched for I Satellite Services. Going through my elderly fathers bank statements I found two payments made by debit card on a three monthly basis to I Satellite Services. He already has his satellite covered by Sky TV and as he said he had just given them his card details again I went to the bank who stopped the payment and replaced his card with a new one. He then received several phone calls over a number of weeks demanding payment. My brother explained to the caller that the contract should be cancelled and probably in a slightly less tolerant manner than myself explained what might happen if they persisted with their demands. We managed to get the phone number they called from blocked by BT. Last week while I was at the property low and behold the phone rang and it was them again. A polite lady who explained that payment had to be made now or additional fees would be made to the contract. Explained that the contract was cancelled and said that if they sent me a final bill any outstanding payments would be made. She tried for card details again re iterating the former threats re charges and I responded if the same manner as before so she disconnected the call. The number she used was 07840 557246. My guess is that you can buy a sim card at Tesco Mobile for ten pounds, so if you block their number they just use an alternative number. A £10.00 card if successful a few times is a drop in the ocean. This is obviously a well thought out on-going effort to defraud the elderly, vulnerable and gullible in society. If I remember correctly companies house shows the trading address to be a terraced house near Southampton, where a painting and decorating company is also registered but I will check again. I am in that area in a few weeks so if I have time I might go and have a look. This si just to let anyone else know that THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE AND TRYING.
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    Thanks for looking into this.
  • ChinoChino Forumite
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    Leeadams wrote: »
    I asked for his name and he replied: "Francis."
    So I asked for his surname in addition to his first name (assuming Francis was his first name).
    "It's Francis," he replied, "my surname is Francis."
    So I asked for his first name and he replied: "Frederick. Frederick Francis".
    It just struck me as odd, when a person is asked for their name they usually reply with their first name. If someone asked for my name, I wouldn't reply "Adams".
    This isn't odd at all in a professional context. You aren't engaged in a social conversation.
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