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Rocketing water bill - any chance to challenge?

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    I live in a flat so that's just not possible for me otherwise i would have.

    Why not? :huh:

    If you have your own water supply, you should be able to isolate it
    If its supplied via a meter that is used to calculate what you owe, you should have access to the meter
    If it's remote from the domestic stopcock, then there is usually a stopcock next to the meter too, although I don't think you are supposed to touch that one, (if you do and you cause damage, you may have to pay for the damage caused!) but it's there so that the supply can be isolated from the meter itself.

    Btw, although not related to water, but rather to energy, as they are both metered, then the same general principles apply as in this MSE article.

    HTH :)
  • Hi OP, I got my water company out today to check what was going on as I had practically the exact same issue as you.
    They've discovered that I'm being billed for someone else's meter instead of mine. The water company are looking into the bills and will get back to me in 'due course'.
    This could be what's happening with you? But be aware that if it's a leak that's causing it then the water company are only responsible for the pipes up to the water meter. Anything from that is your responsibility to fix.
    Check the meter without running any taps. if it's not turning then this could be your actual bill but also try the following:

    1. Try turning the water off from your meter tap and check if your water supply is cut - if water still comes through your taps you could be being billed on someone else's meter.

    2. If the water did stop coming through the taps then turn the meter back on and turn the stopcock in your home to 'off' to restrict the water supply in your home. If the meter is still turning you have a leak outside of the property that will probably be your responsibility to fix.

    3. Turn the meter tap 'on' allowing water to flow, the stopcock 'on' and allowing water to flow. Turn off all taps and check the meter, if its turning then you've probably got a leak inside your home.

    Hope this makes any sense?!
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    Two people working together can find the correct meter very easily. Get your "assistant " to switch a tap on and off at 20-30s intervals. Look for the meter that spins and stops spinning in sync with their tap toggling. Simples!
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