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Bank of mum and dad

edited 19 July 2017 at 10:25AM in Marriage, Relationships & Families
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  • Geoff1963Geoff1963 Forumite
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    eventually the SS were involved
    For a few seconds, I misinterpreted the abbreviation.:)
  • Sea_ShellSea_Shell Forumite
    3.8K posts
    1,000 Posts Fifth Anniversary Name Dropper Hung up my suit!
    I'd want a full SoA off of them before I leant them a bean!!!! where IS their money going...really???
    " That pound I saved yesterday, is a pound I don't have to earn tomorrow ":beer: JOB DONE!!
    This should now read "It's time to start digging up those Squirrelled Nuts"!!! :j:j:j
  • mamanmaman Forumite
    22.2K posts
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Muscle750 wrote: »
    yes it did go on food.

    You've posted responses patiently muscle but although you asked for advice and received it, your situation seems to have got worse rather than improving.

    It must be very difficult to stand by and see your family without enough for food but you'd help them far more by unravelling why they get themselves into such a mess and helping with that instead.

    I fear that as long as you pay up you'll be taken advantage of.

    In your situation I think I'd have given them a meal, a few tins and a very small amount of money for milk, bread.

    It's not the bank of mum and dad that springs to mind but the magic money tree.
  • cheskychesky Forumite
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    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    Ironically I've just had to help out my granddaughter who is a single parent. She (daftly) misunderstood the phrase 'free childcare' given by her LA, so signed up with a childminder so she could go out to work at least part-time. Couple of months down the road, it has dawned on her that the childminder is subsidised but she has to make up the difference (she hadn't read the contract obviously). So i will do this for her but it means she won't be able to work as she was doing more than the 15 hours allowed for and paying what she thought was the difference.
    I'm doing it as a gift, not a loan, as I can afford to and, although dopey, she was willing to work instead of relying totally on benefits, and she's had to give up the job - they've said they'd love her to come back if she can.
    In payment, she's going to be my cleaner - I was going to find one anyway - so she's not getting away Scot-free and she's a good worker.
    AND there will be a serious conversation about reading contracts and understanding what she's getting into in future.
  • PollycatPollycat Forumite
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    Re the post above by Robwitho:
    • the website recommended is an Australian based company.

    • The thread is almost 2 years old and the OP hasn't logged on to MSE since February.
  • cheskychesky Forumite
    1.3K posts
    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    Goodness, what a shock reading my old post - above - sad to say (for me) I've lost my cleaner as she's in full-time work now that her son is in school. Hope things worked out as well for the OP.
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