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O/S Daily Friday 17th May 2019

edited 17 May 2019 at 6:17AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Morning all,

    Just OH,DD1, Mossie and me here for the weekend, DD3 and family have gone to a wedding in Clare, DGD7 is spending the weekend with Ganny (aka Granny) in Tralee and they will all return on Monday.

    Although promised, we had no rain yesterday, it was cooler, today is cloudy so far.

    Gers.....good to hear that DM is home ,easier for both of you, she will be better now among her familiar things.

    SO hope that thiñgs are better for you. your dog! are one busy lady..

    OH is in the kitchen concocting some brunch......he normally only eats one (large)meal per day and this is it......he doesn't understand that I prefer smaller meals but more of them!

    Have a good day.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Hi chums not a brilliantly sunny day here in Kent ,although resonably dry .
    Today would have been my OH's birthday bless him he would have been 86.I wonder what he would have thought of the world the way it is now.I think he would have been pleased at how our children and grand children have coped and no doubt pleased at how the grandchildren have grown up.I know he would be delighted with our little granddaughter and the hope for the new one due on New years Eve.

    I cannot believe its almost 16 years have gone by ,I swear time goes quicker the older you get.

    I had History club today and it was really interesting as we found out all about the history of shops and the big department stores.

    I am at DDs tonight for dinner and we shall as usual be discussing her late Dad and all the jokes he pulled on us all over the years.He was an inveterate practical joker :)

    Right time for my afternoon cuppa as my DGS has just got in from school

    Hope you all have a good weekend and your DM continues to improve Gers

    Cheers chums

    JackieO xx
  • topsyturphytopsyturphy Forumite
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    Evening everyone

    Visiting family in the north west. It’s my dgs 5th birthday today, party tomorrow at the leisure centre, was due to be at home but changed due to weather report. Was meant to be spending day with ds1, but he is unwell and on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

    grandchildren are now in bed so will head back to dm and spend the rest of evening there.

    Gers glad Dm got home ok.
    Redruby I want a Friday tidier too.
    Holly - enjoy the batch cooking
    OL - I made my ds1 chopped egg today because he was ill!
    Taff - slow down
    Jackieo - enjoy your evening, your dh would be proud.

    Hugs to anyone that needs/wants one. Take care
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