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EON - Missinforming me

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claireodonnellclaireodonnell Forumite
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OK I'll try and keep this quick.
We are with EON, upgraded to a smart meter 05/03/2019. Paid my bill till 19/02/2019. I asked the advisor if I could call before my next bill was due if I could pay the old tariff between 19 feb - 5th march so when my next bill came it was just what was on the smart meter. I was told yes you can do this.
Two weeks later, I spoke to three different advisors who all told me I didn't owe anything and my next bill would be dated from 5th March. I even argued that I had an amount from 19th feb - 5th march and 3 times I was told no you don't
Lo and behold my bill came it started from 19th Feb! I have called and told them I am not prepared to pay this. Am I right to do this seeing as they told me I didn't owe anything?
I won't even get started on the fact my bill was £41 more than what the smart meter said!!! (oh smart meter is just a rough estimate(!))


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    No you are not RIGHT .
    They have made a mistake but if it was the other way round you would expect them to pay you.
    Dont pay and they could trash your credit record for six years and involve debt collectors .
    You can certainly complain via letter to head office.
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    Good morning claireodonnell and welcome to the forum.

    It sounds like when you called there was nothing to pay at that time as the bill hadn't been produced yet.

    I'm sorry if our advisors gave you some incorrect information, the bill will run from one date to the next. So if you paid in full up to 19th Feb, the next bill will be from that date.

    Do you have an online account? That way you can pop your reads in and produce a real time bill or balance, you can also make payments on there.

    As JJ Egan says, if you're unhappy about what you were told on the phone, please contact us to raise a complaint.

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    Is the fitting of a smart meter linked to a change in tariff? It sounds like you're billed once a month. Any change in tariff mid month would mean the bill is split into two calculations with an estimated reading for the changeover day - best approach is to give readings on a tariff change day.

    What tariff were you on? What tariff did you change to, and on what date?
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