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Samsung Galaxy no buds

edited 14 May 2019 at 10:04PM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
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  • KatrinaWavesKatrinaWaves Forumite
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    DoaM wrote: »
    This forum is actually called Praise, Vent & Warnings (unless the thread has been moved). ;)

    *shakes fist at the world*
  • alecwoodalecwood Forumite
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    Go on their forums, or write to the CS team at Chertsey, calmly and politely state what happened - their CS team spend a fair bit of time on forums, but they're mega busy so write plainly without emojis, sarcasm or coloquialities that might not be understood by someone whose first language isn't English - something along the lines of;

    I bought the product, thought I was entitled to the freebie and claimed it, claim was verified, then only when I chased delivery was the verification withdrawn - I appreciate you don't have to give me any but please understand that because the claim was verified I am disappointed not to have got them

    then see what happens, but be honest with yourself - you made a mistake too, your mistake is the root cause of this saga, so Samsung's obligations are zero, all you're doing is asking them to be that "above and beyond" company that perhaps you expect them to be
  • giraffe69giraffe69 Forumite
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    Best not to use phrases such as "I was like.............."
  • Hermione_GrangerHermione_Granger Forumite
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    Moglex wrote: »
    You are correct that it is appalling customer service.

    It's only a pair of buds -

    "Only a pair of buds" that cost in the region of £120 and I can't see many companies giving away goods of that value when they don't have to.
  • DoaMDoaM Forumite
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    "Only a pair of buds" that cost retail in the region of £120

    Fixed that for you. The cost to Samsung is nowhere near £120. In fact I'd be surprised if they're paying more than £20 a set. ;)
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  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    Any news OP ?
  • KarenevaKareneva Forumite
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    I did already try and contact both the promotions team and Samsung with a reasonable request to make good the promise, but to no avail. In fact the promotions team just kept responding with the same standard reply, a cut and paste job.

    Samsung did appear to be more concerned but in the end just referred to terms and conditions and said they couldn't breach these. So that's all folks.

    Thanks everyone for all your comments and input.
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