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Sky Mobile Scam

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JimjamjimJimjamjim Forumite
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Since around 1.30 p.m. today I have been receiving non-stop calls and text messages from total strangers and businesses to my mobile phone regarding missed calls which they have apparently received from my number. I have had to turn my mobile off because it is so incessant. I contacted sky mobile and was informed that it was a scam and that on no account should I return any of the calls or open any of the messages as my telephone number had been hacked and it would incur charges if I did. I was advised that hopefully this should abate after 24 hours but if not it would necessitate Sky mobile providing me with a new Sim and a new number. I’ve had the same number for over 15 years which is linked to my business so it would be incredibly inconvenient if I had to resort to this. Im wondering whether anyone else experienced this? I’d be extremely grateful for any help or advice.


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    Your telephone number has not been hacked

    It's probably been "spoofed" by a spammer ( or a rival) and it should stop soon

    If you have an android phone find malwarebytes in the play store , download it and scan your phone to check for any malware.

    You can also download AVG antivirus to your phone and scan although malwarebytes is better
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    My phone number was spoofed a few months ago. I had a few companies phoning me up and apparently returning my calls. I hadn't phoned them and I googled the issue to discover that this is a fairly common problem. I called my phone provider and the calls stopped in 24 to 48 hours and it hasn't happened since. I still have the same phone number.

    The way I understand it is that the companies calling you aren't the scammers. It's the people who have phoned them using your phone number as a "cover", who are scamming. I talked to one of the companies who phoned me and explained the situation. There were no nasty consequences for doing that.
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