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Gaming Laptops - Need Advice

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  • I would suggest that a racer is a pretty good choice, although acer, and alienware are also great options
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    DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    I would suggest that a racer is a pretty good choice, although acer, and alienware are also great options

    You got a specific one to recommend ?
  • ConsumerMattConsumerMatt Forumite
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    As a huge Planet Coaster fan (who will more than likely purchase Planet Zoo) I can provide some real world info with regards to spec and play experience.

    I play on a desktop which I built 2 and a half years ago. The game runs silky smooth on high texture settings at HD resolution (1920x1080) but does begin to struggle in large, highly themed parks with lots of guests. Although for the most part it plays very well. I'd call it a nice middle ground.

    Purely from a cost perspective - At the time my PC build cost around £800 in components (minus the case). To buy an identical spec PC ready built was closer to £1,100. To buy a laptop with the equivalent spec was more like £1,800.

    I'm more than happy playing Planet Coaster on my PC but wouldn't enjoy playing on anything lower spec. If you chose to heed my advice and looked for a laptop today that is the same spec as my PC, you'd need to be spending close to £1000.

    Based on a really quick search the ASUS TUF FX5040GM-EN366T and MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE-065 are both on offer on Scan for £999.98. These are both the same spec as my PC, although with a slightly better Core i7 processor.

    You'll have a good time with Planet Zoo on something like that. Don't spend £400 on a laptop as without a half decent dedicated graphics card your games are unlikely to run much better than your current laptop. Save some more and get something up to the job. You don't need a top spec £2000 laptop but you do need to at least double your budget.
  • Cisco001Cisco001 Forumite
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    To meet the recommend spec, you probably need to something with GTX 1060. You can consider this £650 refurb and add another 8GB RAM yourself

    Refurbished Medion Erazer X6805 Core i5-8300H 8GB 1TB 256GB GeForce GTX 1060 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop A1/30025006
    @ laptopsdirect
  • :rotfl: I would suggest that a racer is a pretty good choice, although acer, and alienware are also great options
  • Picard91Picard91 Forumite
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    I bought a Razer Blade Pro 14" 2017 Model. i7, 32gb Ram, GTX 1060 6GB Graphics and a 512TB SSD

    I have had nothing but problems.. the build quality is shocking, their customer support is terrible. It is inundated with bugs/glitches... I am always having problems with software not been able to use the Nvidia GTX 1060 Card, it always opts to use the onboard Intel..
    If you youtube Razer Laptop problems you will find just how bad they are..

    I realize the above laptop is a little bit out of the amount you want to spend but dont even look at a second hand one.. and after the above incident I will never buy Razer again.

    It is so hard to find a good cheap end Gaming Laptop, I travel everyday with work and I cannot take a desktop with me but I love playing games. What i have realized is Laptops just aren't meant to play high spec games without a few problems along the way.

    I hope you manage to find a good one :)

    Maybe CEX if you live in the UK have something?
  • GloriousEuropaGloriousEuropa Forumite
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    This is what is holding me back on getting a gaming laptop. Normal general use laptops are expensive enough but add gaming, and you're looking at £800 minimum even for entry level with decent settings.

    Ideally, if you want to be pushing for tippy top visuals, you're going to have to fork out £1,800.
  • I bought a RAzer Blade a few months back and have never looked back. Bit pricey but really great machine
  • sal_IIIsal_III Forumite
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    Zombie thread, but just my 2c - If you are mainly going to play the games at home on your desk, much better option is cheapish Laptop without discrete GPU but with Thunderbolt 3 port and eGPU enclosure with desktop grade GPU. Definitely more bang for your buck.
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