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EE Broadband Price Increase - June 2019

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EE Broadband Price Increase - June 2019

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DadofdillDadofdill Forumite
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Hi All,
Today I received EE's email informing me of the changes to my home broadband plan.
The changes are that as of the 27th June 2019 they will be increasing my plan by £3 per month. I currently pay £25 p/month and began the 18 month contract in January. That's an increase of over 10%!

I signed up for 18 months at £25 per month. I am annoyed that they feel that they can move the goal posts. Don't advertise a deal and not stand by it. They have said anyone who wishes to cancel can do for free. :mad:

Has anyone got any recommendations on the best route to go? Do I cancel?
Thanks in advance.


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    veejay43veejay43 Forumite
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    I have not had a notice from EE about an increase, but i am really fed up with EE anyway, apart from my first bill all my bills have been up to £15 more than i agreed , mainly because they are charging me for my mobile as if i have been ringing it,

    Sometimes i have not been able to find my mobile so rang it from my landline, however even if they do charge just for connection, i have usually rung it and as soon as i hear it,i ring off, but some of the charges are for something like 20 minutes, when i have queried it they say someone must have answered it,well no because i am the only one in the house, and i wouldnt ring it for 20 minutes,

    I have told them today i am cancelling even if i do have to pay a fee
    I think they are a rip off
    I would check your bill too,i am looking for another good ip if io can find one
    I know if they increase your charges you have to be given the option of cancelling and leaving without a penalty, i had this with plusnet, a few years ago, but £3 is a big increase

    If it were me i would cancel, my plan is ///////////////////£23 a month
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Dadofdill wrote: »
    Hi All,

    ,I signed up for 18 months at £25 per month.> No you signed up for that plus any price rises as set out in all the terms and conditions .

    Ofcom rules you have 30 days from notification to cancel penalty free . But must contact the given number .
    See thousands of similiar price rise posts over the last few years .
  • AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
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    sit tight, and wait for the email. You can then leave for free within 30 days :)
  • mnbvcxzmnbvcxz Forumite
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    I have yet to receive an email. Perhaps I am not affected rather than it being late or lost, fingers crossed.

    This happened just over a year ago when I was only a few months into my contract. I phoned them up and they actually reduced my price with no hassle instead of increasing it, though I had to start another 18 month contract so I'm effectively on a 24 month contract.

    For what its worth I'm paying £30 for basic 36mbps fibre including all calls, landline, mobile and international. They gave me £130 cashback on signup too. So historically thats pretty good, better than I was paying for dial up twenty years ago.

    So the moral is if you get the email definitely call them up within thirty days even if you don't plan to leave as they may well do you a good deal.

    Annoying way to do things but there it is.
  • mnbvcxzmnbvcxz Forumite
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    Ah well, Its arrived. £30 bill is going up £2. Will see if they come up with better, or might have to move.

    I may switch to the other thread now so as not to split things...
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