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Finding it absolutely impossible to find a new job!?

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Jlawson118Jlawson118 Forumite
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I studied Media Production at university, graduated last July with a 2:1 and was hoping to perhaps go into something with Media/Marketing. At the beginning of my third year, I took out a part time job for a well known parcel firm doing some warehouse work for some extra money, to which I'm still working here, and will mark two years this August.

I started being unhappy in the job last Summer and I've been sending applications all over the place for general jobs like my current one, and graduate schemes in various areas. I've saved all my application confirmation emails in a folder and there's a total of 93 since last July. To which out of all of them, I've had 3 interviews.

I've had my CV looked at by professionals, made the small changes they recommended, still applying at various places either logistics related or media related to my job, and quite frankly I just feel so stuck! My current employers cut my hours down in the new year, and are just continuously making a ridiculous amount of cuts elsewhere. It's become a very stressful job to work for, and just doesn't help with the stress that I can't find anything else either!

Any advice?


  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    Are your CV and covering letter matched to each role you are applying for?

    As your hours have been cut can you get any work experience in media/marketing so you gain experience?

    What types of companies are you applying for when doing the media / marketing applications?

    Is your CV on any job sites for recruitment to see?

    What job sites are you looking at?
  • jonnygee2jonnygee2 Forumite
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    perhaps go into something with Media/Marketing.

    This is pretty broad which is probably part of the problem.

    How about applying for almost any entry level office based role? 'sales administrator' or office support assistant' might not be your dream job, but its a much more likely step up from that to marketing exec or something.

    Go for a fairly big company where there might be room to grow, as horizontal job leaps are much more common internally than externally.
  • nicechapnicechap Forumite
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    Originally Posted by shortcrust
    "Contact the Ministry of Fairness....If sufficient evidence of unfairness is discovered you’ll get an apology, a permanent contract with backdated benefits, a ‘Let’s Make it Fair!’ tshirt and mug, and those guilty of unfairness will be sent on a Fairness Awareness course."
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    keepcalmandstayoutofdebtkeepcalmandstayoutofdebt Forumite
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    The different parcel companies aren't to be swapped to - it can be worked out which one I worked for and as a example ukmale as one other type of firm in that avenue would never ever entertain applications from me as a Customer Service Rep like the company saw me as just a big X, I was never to be responded to either.

    Recently I interviewed for a sales job/appointment maker for a service/product close to my heart with potential for sideways progression to Scheduler when I learnt what the other half of their business done when in the room - I was the late sourced but ended up favourite candidate although it wasn't until they walked me out I realised some just make no effort when they get the interview opportunity, I couldn't believe it when I saw the next candidate due in and what they were wearing! The agency who arranged this interview were then going through all their clients to place me (a media call centre agreeing to see me a third time from over the years, not joking) so maybe try building good active relations with recruitment placers.

    This said, I've known a couple of companies simply fish in these times I'm afraid. Again that is turning it to your advantage (interview practise) keep the pecker up. I'm sure it will come good soon. Enjoy the interviews you do get. I saw my stats from one site as 28 jobs applied for in one period of 30 days recently. (less then handful converted to interviews)

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  • BookmobileBadGirlBookmobileBadGirl Forumite
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    93 since last July only works out to about 10 applications a month, you will need to up this.

    As JohnnyG said, your area of interest is very broad focus in and decide what you want to be doing.

    You should still have access to the employability services at your university. Get in contact with them, practice interviews, look at your CV and cover letters, help you refine your searches etc.
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  • ACGACG Forumite
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    Apply to companies who may not be advertising.

    I once took a lad on who sent me his CV out of the blue. I also know in the past my mum has been given 2 jobs when applying for jobs which were not advertised.

    Could you maybe go self employed and do it around your other job? You could build up a portfolio and contacts in the industry and maybe get a job in a year or 2?
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    Why should a company employ you rather than one of the other 20 - 200 people who apply? You need a good answer to this in your mind so you can lead them to this same answer. Can you find ways to increase what you have to offer an employer?

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  • LilElvisLilElvis Forumite
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    As a recent graduate are you applying for jobs locally or nationally? Are you prepared to relocate? As you have stayed in the city where you studied have you been back to your university to ask for career help? Are you in contact with any of your fellow students who have gained roles in your field who could advise you/ give you a heads up 're openings with their employers?
  • 74jax74jax Forumite
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    In your other thread you said you thought the job you were interviewing for would start at 7am due to shifts.

    What media / marketing are you looking at? We often have marketing jobs up - I work in housebuilding and know of many others but this is office work, what kind is it you want?

    Are you on LinkedIn, connecting with people etc.
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  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    How many people have graduated with similar or better results in the same subject and how many jobs are there in that sector of the market? You probably need to look at widening your job search outside that sector. Many of the skills learnt on any university course are transferable to other areas.
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