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Diamond hallmark 'DIA'

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Hopefully someone knows the answer to this!

- I have a diamond engagement ring with 4 small diamonds and on the inner ring I can see that it's 18k white gold, but there is also a mark relating to the diamonds:

".13 DiA"

Does anyone know, would this be the total for all 4 stones, or would it account for each one?

Many thanks.



  • antennaantenna Forumite
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    Total of all stones...........sorry
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    Dia I think means diameter.

    Nothing to do with diamonds as obviously you could swap them etc.

    ETA..... A Google says dia means originally sold with diamonds. Not sure that helps. If you type in to Google ' what does my ring tell me' there's loads of about from jewellers.
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  • Hi Robin

    I believe that .13 actually refers to the total weight of the diamonds. So your ring has .13 of a carat in diamonds.

    DIA is the hallmark confirming that the stones are (or were when the ring was made) Diamonds.

    Though on some jewellery you can see a hallmark resembling a “pie chart” or simplified diamond image, if you will. Which I believe also indicates diamonds.

    Of course it should go without saying that diamonds are normally only used in higher grade precious metals warranting their own hallmarks. So if these are not also present. It’s unlikely to be diamond(s).

    Hope this helps

  • I guess it refers to the total weight of the diamonds.
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    Definitely the total weight of all the stones together.
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