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Yorkshire Bank Savings Account theft

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  • McchanMcchan Forumite
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    A basic savings account I’ve had for years instant access and a cash ISA. Only one debit card for savings instant access, not used.
  • Ben8282Ben8282
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    When you say that you have had money 'taken' from your account with no further information as to how the money was taken, which should be readily apparent from the details of the transactions, it does not help anybody to give any informed advice.
  • polymaffpolymaff Forumite
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    Mcchan wrote: »
    A basic savings account I’ve had for years instant access and a cash ISA. Only one debit card for savings instant access, not used.

    And both accounts were raided?

    On the bright side, once your funds are restored, I guess that you will be moving them on to where you will receive far more interest - outside of CYB
  • jonnygee2jonnygee2 Forumite
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    Setting up a payee at YB requires a security code, generated either through their calculator-type security code generator, or through their mobile app. YB's calculator-thingy is not interchangeable with those used by Nationwide, Barclays etc.

    So either payments were made to one or more already existing payees, or the fraudster had all the personal information required to use the calculator-thingy, or the app, to set up one or more new payees.

    Or the fraudster used the debit card issued for the account, or a clone of it. In that case, the fraudster would also have known the CVV and/or the PIN of the debit card.

    If they are using a card reader system like this, and that's how these were authorised, then unfortunately the options are very limited. These systems are fiddly but extremely secure.

    Card chips can not be cloned by any commonly known method. Auth codes can not be guessed or generated by any other means, neither can PINS. So, that means that one of the following happened:

    1) Someone gained access to the OP's phone, PIN number and login credentials
    2) Someone gained access to the OP's card, PIN number and login credentials

    Unfortunately it is very unlikely that the bank will cover these losses, and it is almost certainly a family member or close friend of the OP.

    It's also possible that for some reason the bank's system didn't ask for card reader verification. Does it ask every time, or just on some occasions?
  • Terry_TowellingTerry_Towelling Forumite
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    Can you check your 'saved payee' list and your history of payments and can you confirm what type of payments these were?

    You say no one knows your banking security details but it looks like someone does. Has anyone had access to your phone?
  • McchanMcchan Forumite
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    Sorry if I appear vague with how the money was ‘taken’.. all I saw via my banking app on the screen were multiple amounts of cash being debited out, with just the same reference of numbers and letters on each one. No identity apart from that listed. Even the advisors at the bank couldn’t be more clear as to who these payments are going to. I’m only seeking some advice on here and posting to help others in case other people are affected. No offence meant.
  • McchanMcchan Forumite
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    I have my phone with me most of the time, I don’t use my phone much in public and only access my bank in my own home. Nothing on the payee listed apart from the same long transaction code on n each one. It’s a complete mystery to me.
  • Sea_ShellSea_Shell Forumite
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    Can you see a list of payees if you go to "make a payment" ie people or accounts you've paid before?? Are there any accounts there you don't recognise??

    Unless the "hackers" are setting up a payee, making a payment, then deleting the payee, repeatedly, I can't see how they haven't left a trail. All very odd.

    I'd be good for all of us to know how this happened, to help ensure no one else is effected in the same way.
    " That pound I saved yesterday, is a pound I don't have to earn tomorrow ":beer: JOB DONE!!
    This should now read "It's time to start digging up those Squirrelled Nuts"!!! :j:j:j
  • Emily_JoyEmily_Joy Forumite
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    The most obvious guess would be malware on the phone.
  • edited 10 May 2019 at 3:23AM
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    edited 10 May 2019 at 3:23AM
    What is really strange about this is the fact that these transactions don't appear to be identified as any particular transaction type (ie faster payment, debit card etc) and the fact that according to the OP even the bank staff that they have spoken to don't know what type of transaction they were either. I can't quite figure out how this can be.
    So not only has somebody gained access to the account but they have also managed to make over 22 transactions (£11,000 - transactions of between £400 and £500) of unidentified transaction type. Again, I am surprised that so many transactions to a new payee, presumably over a short space of time, did not trigger any sort of security alert on the account especially considering the total value of the transactions and the way the transactions were split.
    I am assuming that fatter payments can actually be made from the ISA and savings accounts? The letters and numbers reference is also very strange. It seems odd that a fraudster would set up a payee with a series of letters and numbers as the payees name simply because it would look odd and be likely to draw attention which fraudsters don't like to do.
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