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ST Water Meter replacement

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ST Water Meter replacement

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MilliepopsMilliepops Forumite
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edited 7 May 2019 at 12:23PM in Water Bills
Hi Folks, hoping someone can help me!

I have been in my house 4 years and so far the process for paying my water bill has been that Severn Trent come and read my meter every 6 months (at least, that's what they tell me), which generates a bill that I then pay. The amounts have always seemed correct, although I will admit that I haven't kept my own records of the meter readings :S

Firstly, I'm confused about how ST have been reading my meter as it is under the kitchen sink. Is it possible to have 2 water meters, 1 inside the house and 1 on the pavement outside? There are little covers outside with STW on them, but I'm not sure if one of them correlates to my property.

Secondly, ST have now told me that my meter is faulty and needs replacing. They announced this after apparently failing to get a reading in January. I've had several calls and voicemails from their contractors who need to do the job but as I work shifts, I'm struggling to get back in touch with them. I decided to take a reading myself and upload it to my online profile, but when I went on there, it said I don't have a water meter! They have also sent me a letter saying they have placed me on their fixed tariff and are sending bills through (which are sky high compared to my normal usage as I live alone in a terraced house and am hardly ever there :D)

Just looking for some advice really, has anyone else experienced this? Do I have to pay the higher tariff until my meter is fixed? They are being really difficult to contact, I sat on hold for 30 mins yesterday and wasted my entire break at work! :(



  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    Your meter is being read remotely - like mine also with Severn Trent. These meters are sometimes referred to(incorrectly) as 'smart meters'.
  • tealadytealady Forumite
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    I am with ST and on a meter.
    The 1st one the reader just had to touch the cover on the outside wall. This meant I had to be home as it was behind a locked gate.
    My replacement one can be read remotely.
    Suggest you go onto their website and report the faulty meter as a problem and give them dates and times when you will be home for the repair to be done.
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    Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    Lots of options to contact them

    Modern water meters are read from outside the property via a radio signal.
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  • MilliepopsMilliepops Forumite
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    Thanks all! Managed to get a date/time for them to come and replace it :)
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