Top 10 PC games

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    #1-10 Rocket League
    #11 GTA V
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    There's got to be a GTA game in there somewhere. Probably GTAV, but I'd want to see Vice City recognised.

    Since the chart is "of all time" you need to put the first Resident Evil game on the PlayStation in there, that set an agenda for a genre and it's not often bettered (yeah, advances in graphics yada yada yada, still an awesome game)

    Even further back in time you'll probably want to recognise the jump man before he was called Mario, and put Donkey Kong Jr in there (although personally I enjoyed Miner2049er more).

    And yep, good shout on Doom II over Doom, and you'll probably put in Half Life in the hat too.

    And oh yes, put one of the original Settlers games on there, II was a good call. How about Lemmings on the Amiga, or Worms (I still have my worms T-shirt that came with that, although the slogan "how hard is yours" is not very PC these days).

    Round off the list with Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker - not the best snooker game ever, but it did absorb an epic amount of my time when I ought to have been revising for exams. Cheers Jimmy.
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  • Well, there are various game to play in 2019
    GTA 5
    Destiny 2
    FIFA 19
    SIMS 4
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    Call Of Duty
    Medal Of Honor
    Assassin's Creed: Origins
    Doom 2
    Max Payne
    Half Life 2
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    Dungeon Keeper
    Grand Theft Auto (First version)
    Doom II
    Settlers II

    Wish there was a Settlers type game in modern p.c. Times.
    Think it's my type of game amongst a few more that could be my idea on returning to pcb. Build.
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    Stumbled across this thread.......have been a game since circa 1976 and have just about every console, pc, micro-computer or whatever over the years.

    Still play games on both the PS4 and PC so think I have a balanced view. Horses for courses.....

    In a nutshell, I think its fair to say that the most addictive and/or involving games are on the pc - albeit there are some exceptions such as my Manic Miner month in 1983!

    For the PC (or other pc-type machines), great games would include:

    1) Doom
    2) Geoff Crammonds F1
    3) GTA Vice City
    4) Sims
    5) Civ 4
    6) Empire -Total War
    7) Red Baron II
    8) COD
    9) Sim City 2000
    10) Elite [BBC Micro]
    11) Football Manager [ZX81]
    12) Fifa
    13) Max Payne [very underrated!]

    If I have to pick a winner, I would say Civ4 and its associated mods.

    ...come to think of it, if I were paid £5 per hour for every hour I have spent playing games I would be a rich man!
  • my question is what the best games for kids.
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    my question is what the best games for kids.

    How old are the kids?
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    my question is what the best games for kids.

    This will depend on the age of the kids, and their interests - but Minecraft and Fornite are always popular.

    The Lego game series are always a big hit.

    i would also recommend some kid friendly strategy/management games, such as The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Stardew Valley, Spore

    If they are a little older, maybe some point and click adventures, like Monkey Island, Broken Age, Sam and Max
  • scaredofdebtscaredofdebt Forumite
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    Civilisation, any version, probably VI is best
    Total War series, Rome, Medieval 2 are my favourites
    Commander Europe at War (best turn based strategy)
    Close Combat - A Bridge Too Far
    Men Of War
    Pazer General II (and III)

    As you can see I like strategy games, I use my XBox for arcade games.
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