Debt no longer with recovery company still covered by DRO?

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Hi. I came out of my DRO this month but have realised one of the debts haven't been included. It is past the 12 month period FYI. Initially I had a debt with an energy company. Some of the debt was held with debt collection company and when it came to the DRO I listed £x with them and £y with the energy comps details. So supposedly only the amount that was listed for the energy company has been settled which was for more current arrears. So basically what was being asked for in total was split up between the two. I have managed to find out that the debt was passed back to the energy company before the DRO was started. So even though it was held by that recovery company it wasn't at the time of DRO. As far as I recall I didn't call the recovery company to check when I started the DRO. Is there anything I can do about this and in any way could it still be covered? I still used the same account number but like I said it seems to have been back with the original creditor at time of DRO being approved. In hindsight I should have done things differently but there were a lot of debts to juggle so mistakes may have been made. Any help or advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    So you effectively listed the debt in two parts. Does the sum of the two parts equal or exceed what is being asked for now?

    Is the energy company actually asking for payment of the excess? Or the whole amount? Or nothing?
  • Hi thanks for the reply. Yes it was in two parts. The energy company is asking for what wasn't listed specifically under their name. I'm not sure if they are aware we had some under the recovery company name but as they have been a bit shifty with some things we haven't discussed directly with them. I.e. they tried to make out that the DRO was void as not kept up with current usage payments.
  • Hey. Anyone got some advise on this?
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    If what you listed in the DRO equals the sum of both debts, then there is no case to answer here, the debt (both parts) was written off under your DRO.

    If the sum they are chasing is over and above what you listed, then that debt (difference between the two amounts) remains payable.
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  • The amount they are asking for is over the amount I listed for both. I agree I am liable to pay the difference but as it actually wasn't with the recovery company at the time of the DRO starting will that still be covered?
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    Hi Sourcrates. Can I ask where you got this info. I want to be able to make sure the debt is or was covered by the DRO even though was passed back to the original creditor before the DRO was granted. Thanks.
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