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May 2019 Grocery Challenge

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  • stinabeanstinabean Forumite
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    Starting this for the first time :D


    This should be fairly easy if I pay attention, but we easily go over it by just buying what we want without checking - not this month! Hopefully we can get it lower and lower.

    This is to cover 2 adults, a dog, a cat, and the baby formula.
    Pushing through to Jan 2020 to start saving and debt busting!

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  • euronorriseuronorris Forumite
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    I failed miserably in April. I stopped tracking early on, and things got out of hand. Annoyed with myself as I have picked up some good habits as to how to keep those spends down, and where to source things as cheap as possible etc, but I just got lazy and complacent.

    Am back on board though, and looking to try again for May. Please put me down for £300 again. My month starts on Friday (26th)

    Our cupboards, fridge and freezer are fit to burst with yellow sticker goods! So I shouldn't need to top up anything other than bread/milk for a while. I am going to do as much eating out of the freezer etc as possible.

    We have a holiday from 17th May to 24th May (my next payday). It is self catering, so I want to hold back a chunk of the budget for that week (as much as possible ideally).

    Good luck everyone! x
  • elsiepacelsiepac Forumite, Board Guide
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    Budgets updated to here
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  • CheapskateCheapskate Forumite
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    Afternoon, fell off the wagon again, but getting back to it this week! :) Please can I go down for £350 for May, please? Thanks elsiepac and everyone who runs this thread.

    A xo
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  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    Hi all.. thanks again for the thread.. it’s really kept me focused this year!
    Please add me in for £300 for May..
    Thankoooo :D
    "There's a little witch in all of us"🥰
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  • VickyVVickyV Forumite
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    Hi all,
    Thanks again Elsie for running the thread!
    I didn't join in in April aw we were away for the first 2 weeks and I thought I'd just take the cash out and be accountable that way.
    Back here now that I have time to plan and log etc. So since it's a 5 week month, I'm going to allow £320 for the month but trying to keep to under £60 per week.
    Grocery challenge:
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    March 2021 £300/200
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  • Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    I have just finished April with a total of £154.81 but further updated my stores so my total spend is 27.62% of my annual budget. This means I am slightly overspent on where I would like to be. It would be 21.71% but for the stores. Hopefully some of my home-grown salads will be ready soon, with other seasonal veg to follow. In the meantime we carry on spending. I notice my lettuce was up from 50p to 70p this week

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    OS Grocery Challenge 2021 target £1292.55/£3k 25.67% annual after May (+£500 contingency)
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  • euronorriseuronorris Forumite
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    OK, it was payday today, so bought some essentials:

    £11.45 in Lidl (foil, milk, ketchup, butter (for office), cashews, ibuprofen, blueberries, tissues and kitchen roll)
    £18.37 in Morries (toilet roll, a few yellow sticker goodies, choc, couple lunchable packs for DD for zoo trips, BIG butter for home)
    £4.49 owed to colleague who kindly picked me up some Abbot Ale for DH yesterday

    Total: £34.31/£300

    Was hoping to get more yellow stickered stuff in Morries to be honest, but it either wasn't what I wanted/needed, or it wasn't reduced by very much (bacon packs reduced from £2 to £1.50, but have a sticker on them saying 2 packs for £3 anyway!!).

    I plan to go to Farmfoods tomorrow to stock up on soft drinks and some other bits that are VERY cheap there. Other than that the freezers and cupboards are full, so the plan next week is to only buy bread, milk and potato UNLESS it is yellow stickered AND under half original price AND we will definitely eat it.

    I booked a holiday to Florida yesterday for next year, I need to budget HARD! lol

    Our dinner last night, for all three of us, was less than £1.50 thanks to yellow sticker goods from Morrisons. 75p for 2 chicken kievs, 5p for tinned alaphabetti spaghetti, half of a Lidl bread chicken breast 24p for daughter, and home made chips 20p (ish).

    Thank you for the thread again!
  • Hej, we live in Sweden where the cost of groceries is super high. I am going to try for 4000kr. Our month runs from the 28/4 till 27/5.
  • Sorry I couldn't get the colour before could I. Be pout down for 4000kr
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