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Which woodburning stove is the best?

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  • rrttrrtt Forumite
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    Davesnave wrote: »
    They're the same as the ones on my stove, (Firegem) but being down, out of the way, at least the handles stay cool.

    Hi Davesnave

    Ah, yes, I have a Firegem too, in the study. Yes the handles & controls stay cool on those and the Firewrens (of which I have 3, one in every bedroom! :D ), but using the tool supplied on the old 8Kw one, I never got burned anyway, and my back didn't have to put up with the bending!!
  • oc75oc75 Forumite
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    I am not sure if any of you are still checking in on this forum.

    We are currently trying to find a multi fuel stove for a new build. The stove will be in an open plan area (kitchen & living area) with vaulted ceiling.

    The stove will need to have a direct air feed. We would like a traditional/semi traditional look with good viewing screen, probably with single door. I estimate we need an output of 6-8w.

    I've seen so many types and range of costs. There seems to be vast variations on the preferred type depending on what region you live in. Salesmen all promote their own and rubbish the others. Some would say that many of the bigger names now get their stoves made in China and those that are made in China are siubject to the same british standard or ISO as EU made.

    I've liked the look of some in the following ranges:
    - Henley
    - Premier
    - ACR
    - Stovax

    I am hoping that I wouldn't have to spend more than £1000.

    I don't want to buy a stove that will eat through fuel either.

    I would appreciate your steer - any specific recommendations that fit the bill would be great.


  • DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    As before, I'm going to plug Woodwarm, still made in Devon, not Dingzou, but sadly not now available new at a sub-£1k level either, though that's what I paid for mine:

    very few people say seriously rude things about any of them. Designed by engineers, they sometimes look like it too, but that's part of the charm. I just appreciate no glass cleaning, instant controllability and no need to use a stove glove.
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  • A._BadgerA._Badger Forumite
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    oc75 wrote: »

    I am not sure if any of you are still checking in on this forum.

    We are currently trying to find a multi fuel stove for a new build. The stove will be in an open plan area (kitchen & living area) with vaulted ceiling.


    The first thing I would say is check your requirements carefully. I have a stove in a large inglenook which is in a kind of open plan room. The house is also very old and leaks heat like a sieve - as a consequence all the guesstimates by suppliers about the size of stove I would need were wrong. I ended up buying a 14kw (nominal) stove and there are times when I need that. Their estimates were nearer the 6-8kw mark which would have been completely useless in this application.

    Your comment about stove retailers reminds me of the rows we used to have on this forum when I said something along the lines of 'horse traders and cattle thieves must look up to stove retailers as masters of the trade' - and it sounds like it is still as true. I was being told the same rubbish ten years ago.

    What is interesting is that several (perhaps even most) of the stoves brands you name I have never even heard of. That suggests we have had a lot of new entrants piling into this colour supplement 'lifestyle' market - and, yes, very probably buying in cheap imported stoves along the way.

    For that reason I would go with an established brand, not least because you may on e day need spares and I doubt many of these new suppliers will stay the course and still be there when you need them. Davesnave's advice is good - Woodwarm has a splendid reputation, as has Charnwood, another British manufacturer. Stovax has been around a while, but I have no experience of their stoves, so can't comment.

    Do your calculations carefully and stick to a trusted brand would be my advice. I hope that is at least a little help.
  • rrttrrtt Forumite
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    Agree with Davesnave and A.Badger. Woodwarm for me all day every day, a small "old-fashioned" (in the best possible way) firm who do actually care and will talk with you on the phone as one human to another, without being or sounding like a call centre.

    It's also a good idea to get to know a good local stove repair and servicing shop even if you don't buy one from them - all stoves should be serviced annually, & will need occasional new ropes, glass door etc.
  • PablomanPabloman Forumite
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    Ive had a number of well known brands and by a long way Clearview Stove are by far the best. Not cheapest but very efficient, wood/coal last ages would not buy any other brand.
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