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Help please

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  • ellyrooellyroo Forumite
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    Thank you ^^

    I am wondering:

    In terms of internet stuff, is it better to go on contract or not? i keep seeing stuff with fancy contract numbers but is there devils in the detail?
  • EssexHebrideanEssexHebridean Forumite
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    Bear in mind that Edinburgh is a VERY pricey place to live!
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  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    VM does not have a monopoly in any area of the UK. You can get a BT based service with any of dozens of providers from £20-£25pm for line rental and ADSL broadband. All services require a contract, if you go for a 1 month term then you will pay more than if you commit to 12 or 18m.
    Energy prices are based on region, not on city/country.
    Don't forget other costs such as water bills, mobile phone, contents insurance.
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  • EssexHebrideanEssexHebridean Forumite
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    macman wrote: »
    Don't forget other costs such as water bills, <snip>

    The OP is living in - or looking to live in - Scotland, so these will be included in Council Tax
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  • katsukatsu Forumite
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    Congratulations ellyroo on planning all this out before you find your new home and ensuring you can live within your means and not run up debt. Your future self will be very grateful.

    I wish you lots of luck in your new life.
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    ellyrooellyroo Forumite
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    oh my goodness, this place is very wholesome, thank you so much again guys X)

    i didnt want again to start a new thread, i went over this with my dad (who lives in edinburgh himself, and im hoping to also be able to move closer to him :D)

    I know this is an insane idea, and probably a bad one but its one i maybe wanna run by,

    So idk, im not having the best of luck, had to spend some money i saved up on replacing my tablet cause it had malfunctioned, etc etc, and helping my sister out, but in the meantime i applied for Edindex, but i heard it can take an EXCESSIVELY long amount of time to get anywhere, and getting a bad area is a straight up no no x'D , im really cooked up in my sisters place, and a lot of stuff i had going on in my life is on hold here and frankly im getting really depressed being here and i want out by the end of may :'D

    also i probably badly worded monopoly, ahah.. i just meant is that other providers basically had very poor packages compared to virgin in the area, like virgin owned the entire areas infastructure or such

    so again, im looking again at private, maybe hoping to apply for LHA, but im getting to the point of considering taking out a loan where i use it to pay to get into the place quickly, it sounds like financial suicide but, idk i''m kind of considering it, is this a super bad idea or not?

    Ideally thinking like, if i can get a loan of 1200 through my bank, Use it to get a place by the end of may, using money i have saved up for settling in, and to pay the bank back a small lump sum to get the loan in control, hopefully 300 to start, then pay it off after 1-2 years

    i just dont want to be cooked up in here for 1 whole year, I'm just seriously feeling depressed living here for some reason, my sister is nice but i Badly need my own place now.

    If i just had to paint a nice picture, just somewhere around the south-east of edinburgh, 1 bedroom flat ground floor, financials in check, local aldi , able to go back to college / help out at the studio / volunteering work, then getting my fitness back in order., Able to have friends visiting , help my sister out with her kid and such :D

    - -

    I also want a bouncy castle omg
  • pennystretcherpennystretcher Forumite
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    Remember to budget for contents insurance as well.

    A wee question - if you get a free bus pass, why would you pay for train? :)

    Good luck with planning - hope all goes well for you!
  • ellyrooellyroo Forumite
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    The art community i like to hang out at and wanna help out with is about 40 - 50 miles out of city and taking a bus to there would take a damn long time, whereas a train would have me there more quicker
  • GlasweJenGlasweJen Forumite
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    Unless you're looking to live in Sighthill or similar you're not going to get a council house in Edinburgh any time before you're 40. Seriously the lists are ridiculous, you'd have slightly more chance in Falkirk but again you'll be waiting.

    Most of the flats to rent in Gorgie/Dalry are HMOs for students. I'd suggest looking at renting a room in one of those but you'll not be a popular choice of flatmate as your lack of student status would make everyone else liable for council tax.

    A loan for £1200 won't get you nearer your Edinburgh flat dream as you'll need a deposit plus your first months rent upfront, plus money for the letting agents fees. If you're unemployed they might ask for 6 months rent upfront or for a guarantor.

    The LHA rate is around £130 a week for 1 bedroom, a 1 bedroom flat in Gorgie is about £650-£700 a month, can you afford the top up?
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  • ellyrooellyroo Forumite
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    Heyo! :D

    a top up is easy done by me :) as the budget would allow for probably around a 150 top up, i also have a guarantoor available too , too? (my dad offered) if thats the right way to say it

    i also gave up on the council thing as soon as i looked into it, a bit dissapointed but hey, trials of a first mover me guess xD.

    also i dont really want to flatshare, im the type of person people get grated with eventually, plus i'm super socially awkward (thanks aspergers)

    Gorgie is nice too, but im thinking about chancing my luck somewhere a little more out like Liberton or Such for maybe a 1 Bedroom flat not in a block? i forgot the name of the house :)
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