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Still no photos nearly 5 months after wedding

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startingout2016startingout2016 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Weddings & Anniversaries
We got married in November last year. The photographer was excellent and a month later sent through a set of sneak peak photos for us to view whilst he finishes the final edit.

We have since tried to contact him multiple times (3 times just since February) and we haven’t had any response.

What should we do?

He seems to be posting regularly on social media and unfortunately he isn’t local to us.


  • need_an_answerneed_an_answer Forumite
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    Presumably you have an address for him?

    A recorded delivery letter asking him to contact you as a matter of urgency regarding your photos.

    Has he been paid by you or are you settling final balance on production of finished work?

    If you have paid in full,then I would also be tempted to make a visit to the address you have for him ...albeit not local but you need to know what is going on and by now you should have had your finished photos.
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  • GlasweJenGlasweJen Forumite
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    What was his lead time for the photos when you hired him and what does your contract say about delays?

    Do you have wedding insurance?
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  • Sharon87Sharon87 Forumite
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    My brother's wedding photos took longer than that for the final edits - they were edited beautifully and you could tell a lot of work went into them.

    Maybe contact him on social media to check on how he's getting on.

    Have you paid for everything yet?
  • bertpalmerbertpalmer Forumite
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    As a wedding photographer I would say it's pretty unprofessional not to answer emails.

    But, I would check the contract - it ought to have a delivery schedule. Normally they are around 4-8 weeks.

    If you don't get responses from emails or telephone calls I would start publicly writing to them on social media. That ought to get their attention pretty quickly.
  • PrettyKittyKatPrettyKittyKat Forumite
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    I think the timescale isn't too concerning, lots of photographers take a few months especially after a busy period. Your contract should state your lead time.

    However not replying to contact is concerning. I presume you have a telephone number for him, so call that, otherwise email and send messages on social media (It doesn't say how you tried to contact).
  • kazwookiekazwookie Forumite
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    Many years ago this happened to me, our photos never arrived, loads of phone calls made, it went of for weeks, in the end my brother and one of his big mates went round and had a quite word in his ear like...................the photos were with us within two days.
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