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    They have also asked that the hearing (if I do not consent to the paper hearing) be heard in there local court?
    We may not win by protesting, but if we don’t protest we will lose.
    If we stand up to them, there is always a chance we will win.
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    markudman wrote: »
    Got A letter today from Gladstones asking for a special direction, That the case be dealt with on the papers and without the need for a oral hearing.

    The request is sought simply because the matter is in our clients opinion relatively straight forward and the costs incurred by both parties for attending an oral hearing would be disproportionate

    Is this them running scared?

    The judge has already said they that this is so confusing that we need half a day.
    also on the the letter its address to miss, and then its dear Mr are they really that bad?
    markudman wrote: »
    They have also asked that the hearing (if I do not consent to the paper hearing) be heard in there local court?

    But that’s standard procedure from Gladstones. After 15 months of coming to the forum I would have thought you would have read dozens of other threads involving Gladstones, where this has been covered many, many times before.

    You reject both - you want a hearing in person, and in your local court.

    Do a forum search on keywords Gladstones relatively straightforward.
    Please note, we are not a legal advice forum. I personally don't get involved in critiquing court case Defences/Witness Statements, so unable to help on that front. Please don't ask. .
    I provide only my personal opinion, it is not a legal opinion, it is simply a personal one. I am not a lawyer.
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