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Bath bomb, Bath melt & Soap recipes (merged)

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  • hampshirebabehampshirebabe Forumite
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    these are the lollies
    and you dont need a mold for these, so these are very cheap to make


    for the stick my daughter **cough** borrowed **cough** coffee stirrers from starbucks as her friend works there:o


    the loofah soap is done in a pringles tub, so again no mold
    and yummy pringles!!

    you can use almost anything as a mold
    little ice cream tubs?

    make a soap trifle

    those tiny tubs you get in every plastic box set?
    curl some white soap and set in a coloured clear one

    you NEED a spray bottle of surgical spirits
    but apart from that, you need nothing especially to do these ones
    What happened to the pictures, I want to see them!
  • hampshirebabehampshirebabe Forumite
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    Has any one used foaming bath butter? I've seen it used on soaps in the shape of cup cakes, they look great, but would it work the same on bathbombs done in the same shape, would they dry the bath bombs out?
  • adelynbadelynb Forumite
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    Hi, If anybody is still interested in making their own bath bombs I've put together a blog post on my website (detailed in my bio) and I share my experience of the resources I used to start making bath bombs.

    Once you get the knack of it they make such great gifts. I absolutely love them.

    Have a great day Adelyn
  • Hi,
    Before buying bath bombs it is important to consider the ingredients used and cost. The natural and organic essential oil based bath bombs are the best as they are suitable for all skin types. Also, choose a product that will last long and you won’t have to spend frequently to buy one. Check if the bathing bombs are SLS free and do not leave any residue after use that can stain the bathtub. You can check on best bath bombs on itday website.
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