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Good evening,
Apologies if already covered but if it is, I've missed it. I picked up the post from my old property today to discover a letter from Northampton County Court Business Centre, advising that BW Legal are seeking the sum of £253.20 for an alleged parking contravention in a "controlled parking zone located at Newcastle Airport" on 19.08.2016.
They have the correct registration number for my vehicle at that time but the incorrect vehicle model.
I have disregarded a number of letters previously, as none have ever contained any evidence (photographs etc) of the alleged offence, nor anything more specific than vague terms such as "the area around" x, y or z road.
I was at the airport on that date, however I cannot recall who was driving the car, nor do I recall the car being parked anywhere other than the hotel car park which was paid for with no contravention.
Obviously I will be submitting a SAR request for all evidence and correspondence from UK Parking Patrol and informing the court that I intend to defend this claim, however I would appreciate any guidance that you can provide around an appropriate defence.
Many Thanks in advance...


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    What is the Issue Date on your Claim Form?

    Did it come from the County Court Business Centre in Northampton or from somewhere else?
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    do the SAR by email and do the AOS asap online too (no filling forms in)

    see the NEWBIES thread for those details

    tell us the DATE OF ISSUE on that claim form too (not when the incident occurred)

    then read the other half a dozen UKPPO NEWCASTLE AIRPORT threads currently "on the go" on here and contact that little group by pm so you all do the same thing and use the same compiled defence

    safety in numbers
    Newbies !!
    Private Parking ticket? check the 2 sticky threads by coupon-mad and crabman in the Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking Board forum for the latest advice or maybe try pepipoo or C.A.G. or legal beagles forums if you need legal advice as well because this parking forum is not about debt collectors or legal matters per se
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    This is an entirely unregulated industry which is scamming the public with inflated claims for minor breaches of alleged contracts for alleged parking offences, aided and abetted by a handful of low-rent solicitors. Is has been suggested by an MP that some of these companies may have connections to organised crime.

    Parking Eye, CPM, Smart, (especially Smart}, and others have already been named and shamed in the House of Commons as have Gladstones Solicitors, and BW Legal, (these two law firms take hundreds of these cases to court each week), hospital car parks and residential complex tickets have been especially mentioned. They lose most of them, and have been reported to the regulatory authority by an M.P. for unprofessional conduct

    The problem become so widespread that MPs agreed to enact a Bill to regulate these scammers. Hopefully, this will become law by Easter .
    You never know how far you can go until you go too far.
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    The issue date shows as 15.02.2019.
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    Snap! Same as the others
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    The issue date shows as 15.02.2019.
    With a Claim Issue Date of 15th February, you have until Wednesday 6th March to do the Acknowledgement of Service, but there is nothing to be gained by delaying it. To do the AoS, follow the guidance offered in a Dropbox link from post #2 of the NEWBIES FAQ sticky thread. About ten minutes work - no thinking required.

    Having done the AoS, you have until 4pm on Wednesday 20th March 2019 to file your Defence.

    That's nearly three weeks away. Loads of time to produce a perfect Defence, but don't leave it to the very last minute.

    When you are happy with the content, your Defence should be filed via email as suggested here:
      Print your Defence.
    1. Sign it and date it.
    2. Scan the signed document back in and save it as a pdf.
    3. Send that pdf as an email attachment to [email protected]
    4. Just put the claim number and the word Defence in the email title, and in the body of the email something like 'Please find my Defence attached'.
    5. Log into MCOL after a few days to see if the Claim is marked "defended". If not chase the CCBC until it is.
    6. Do not be surprised to receive a copy of the Claimant's Directions Questionnaire, they are just trying to put you under pressure.
    7. Wait for your DQ from the CCBC, or download one from the internet, and then re-read post #2 of the NEWBIES FAQ sticky thread to find out exactly what to do with it.
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    Apologies if already covered but if it is, I've missed it.
    Missed the ten or more other threads in the same boat?

    We will be happy to comment on one draft defence between all of you please, as long as you ALL have PCNs from when UKPPO were in the same Trade Body and that you ALL have PCNs that were called the same thing (penalty charge, not a 'parking' charge - or do all of you have the latter on your PCNs?).

    After fielding all the exact same NCP and Britannia claims (DOZENS till it drove us scatty repeating ourselves!), we can't do another ten for people with exact same UKPPO ones, so talk to each other by pm and show us ONE defence pn one of your threads please.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
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