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Wanting to move to Cardiff - advice?

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Wanting to move to Cardiff - advice?

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bp5678bp5678 Forumite
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edited 6 November 2018 at 3:43PM in Wales
I'm a 24 year old single guy who is living at home wanting to move out. I currently live in a boring, rural part of Hampshire in England and wanting to move somewhere exciting with more going on and more young people about. I don't want to rent - only to buy which is taking a while to save up. I know Cardiff has well-priced houses for a first time buyer like myself. I'm looking at a property at around £160,000. I'd move in just by myself. Is this sort of price realistic?

Where in the city would you recommend I move to? I kind of want to be well located, close to all the amenities making things more accessible and easier.

How easy would it be for me to find a job? I have a degree and since uni graduating 2 and a half years ago I've worked in Marketing. I'm currently working for a family skiing tour operator in marketing (we organise holidays to the Alps in France). I'd be looking for something similar, paying in the region of £30k. Not too sure how the salaries in Cardiff compare to the semi-rural part of Hampshire I currently work in.

Also, as someone moving to the city alone, do you think I'd settle in well? I realise this isn't a question necessarily directed to those in Cardiff. I'm a fairly social guy, but I'm not sure if I'm being naive here. Will I make friends coming to a city knowing no one. I wouldn't want to sit in my room all the time. I would try and get out to meet people, eg join a club.


  • DobbibillDobbibill Forumite, Board Guide
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    Consider renting when you first make the move.
    Getting to know a new area can be a big challenge in itself, without the added complication of purchasing a property.

    There are some areas of Cardiff which are better avoided so I'm told but I'm sure this is the same in most areas.

    You would need to do some research on the job prospects.

    What is leading you to choose Cardiff over any other city in the UK?
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    I'm a native of Cardiff. I would agree that that Cardiff is currently a growing and changing city. I can see the attraction. Some issues I would suggest you think about:

    Your 160k is a bit on the low side for a decent house in a reasonable area.
    As a young person, I would suggest you might want to live in/close to the city centre.
    Consider a flat rather than a house
    Rent for a while until you become familiar with the area and can make a better informed choice about where you want to live.
    I think you will struggle to match your salary expectations in Cardiff.
    The demographics are different in Wales to the Home Counties. The trips to the Alps will be replaced by a package holiday to Tenerife.
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  • I would consider Splott or Adamsdown for reasonable house prices near the City Centre.
  • no1catmanno1catman Forumite
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    Lilly88 wrote: »
    I would consider Splott or Adamsdown for reasonable house prices near the City Centre.

    I would suggest Canton. Near the city Centre, good local shops.

    Suggest you browse the property website, it'll give you an idea of what you can expect.
    Make a list, and come and visit - about two & a quarter hour trip, no bridge toll now.
    Have relatives in Southampton, late Mother came from Curdridge - no the route well!
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  • FuffyCatFuffyCat Forumite
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    I moved to Cardiff here in 2010 for a degree course and have not left. As have many of my friends who are still here and not native to Cardiff. A lot of us have been able to buy houses on our own too (not jointly with a partner) as its so much cheaper then other large cities like Bristol, Reading ect.

    Like some others have suggested it would probably be better if you rented a room in a house share first with those of a similar age (that way you get instant friends ). The area Roath can be a bit pricey but has lots of shops, a nice park near-by and you can easily walk to the centre in around 15-20 minutes

    I also think you'll struggle to find that salary here, but the price of living is much cheaper.

    There are loads of groups you join - you can use to find what interests you.
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