Other persons credit woes added to my credit file

I got turned down for a vodaphone contract, and was told to look at my credit report which would explain why.

On checking Experion, my rating was excellent, as I expected. However on Equifax, an address, that I'd never heard of had been associated to me by Seven Trent Water. From that address a number of defaulted credit accounts and utility bills for another person with same first and last name (but not middle name) had been added.
I then checked Noddle and that had sequentially linked 7 previous addresses of this person to my credit report, with an even longer list of bad credit and CCJ's.

In both cases I have raised disputes about all of these, however when I tried to contest the CCJ's (that are clearly not on me but this other person, at the previous addresses) Noddle indicates that these cannot be contested and will require the court to amend them. Is that correct? surely when the associated addresses are unlinked from my rating, these CCJ's will follow.

Advice appreciated


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    Yes, I would expect the CCJs to disappear once the "same person" link has been fixed. The advice Noddle gave you would be if the CCJs were correctly filed against you and you were disputing the debt in that case.

    You should be able to appeal the decision made by Vodafone in some manner - once it is looked at by an underwriter it should presumably be pretty clear that there is a mistake in the CRA data. There's no guarantee that they wouldn't decline you for something else of course.
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