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Grant of Confirmation

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Deaths, Funerals & Probate
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  • TcpnTTcpnT Forumite
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    I'm unfortunately in North England with my later mother's Sheriffdom located in Central Scotland and taking the form to the court is not something I can do with ease.
    The returned/rejected application states:

    "There must be a place stated on the will re: docquet"

    Any pointers as to how to revise this would be really appreciated.
    Can't quite see that I state my home address or is it as simple as that? Just wondering if I need to be taking this to somewhere like a local court? Just seems odd to want and or accept a note to say in my dining room at home etc.

    Any further input to this point would be so much welcomed.
    Don't feel to bad resurrecting an older thread as it's helped me so much so far.

    I am currently dealing with my brother in law's estate. He lived in Aberdeen and Confirmation was granted by the Aberdeen sheriffs court. I and his wife have handled all the administration of the estate but we used an Aberdeen solicitor to actually complete and submit the confirmation application. I have a "Certified extract of confirmation" ie a certified copy which contains the submitted version of the C1 and the will as prepared by the solicitor.
    The docquetting was done by my sister in law (Joint Executor) at the solicitors office in Aberdeen. She also lives in Aberdeen.

    The exact wording of the docquet as dictated by the solicitor is: "At Aberdeen 31 July 2018. This is the will referred to in my declaration of this date relative to the inventory of the estate of the late XXX XXX XXX".

    If you need any more info about exactly what the solicitor entered on the C1 form feel free to PM me
  • dekddekd Forumite
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    Thank you TcpnT
  • i just noticed your post on this site
    i am just about to complete the c1 form for my mum estate
    how much description must you put in for the details of the property ?
    think i have the rest sorted but any help would be great
  • I would also welcome any details on how to describe a property registered in the General Register of Sasines.
    Also, do you have to include details of ongoing income due from rents after the date of death ? The notes refer to "rents due to the deceased from property which was let but had not been paid at the date of death."
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    johncr wrote: »
    Also, do you have to include details of ongoing income due from rents after the date of death ? The notes refer to "rents due to the deceased from property which was let but had not been paid at the date of death."

    That's specifically a debt due to the estate at the time of death.

    Ongoing rent due/received after death is handled in the estate accounts, not the probate accounts.
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  • This is SO helpful! Thank you all.
    My dad died in December, my mum in February.

    I am trying to work out how to complete dad's forms (then, I have to do mum's no doubt). Do I half the value of the house and movable property? Everything was in joint names, including bank account and the estate is nowhere near Inheritance Tax limits.
    Advice gratefully received.
  • johncrjohncr Forumite
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    Many thanks to everyone on this thread. I have just helped my daughter get confirmation for the estate of her grandfather, at Dundee Sheriff Court. Officials were quite helpful, pointed out a couple of required corrections, and even made a minor correction themselves. Time from handing in forms to Confirmation being granted was only 7 days.
  • ALawsonALawson Forumite
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    Hello, I was hoping you may be able to shed some light on how you went about doing the description of the property? did you have a conveyor come out or is there another way? any tips super appreciated! Thanks!
  • TcpnTTcpnT Forumite
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    If you PM me your email address I can send you anonymised copies of the application forms as completed by a solicitor in 2018. They may not cover your exact situation but the formatting and wording will be helpful. I have sent them to a couple of others further up the thread and they have found them useful.
  • SmokedSmoked Forumite
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    Thank you NiceD. I appreciate that this is a few year old but this is by far and away the best advice I have found on completing C1 for Confirmation. We have been bounced twice from Jedburgh (i now understand with good cause). Your advice here has been helpful in getting us back on track. Thank you for sharing.
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