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Hello everyone,,
I've recently downloaded an app called 'Field Agent' from the app store on my Iphone. The basic principle is people put up small jobs to do, such as grovery store checks, you do it and you get paid for it.... Quite like mystery shopping but less hassle.

I myself have not done any jobs with it yet but there seems to be a fair number available, and if I was to do them all within my nearby area I'd be £65 richer for such a simple job. I recommend people have a look at the app, it's had really good reviews and could be good for earning a bit of extra money on the side


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    Field Agent is next to useless nowadays. There are far more profitable apps to use, do a search on the forum for some examples.

    I made just short of £2.9k last year from these apps and only £53 of that was from FA.
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