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    Happy new year everyone!!! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!! We unfortunately got ill :( Boooo!! However the positive is that we hardly spent any money, and I think i've lost a bit of weight :j
    Also in good news, we had the interest paid on our house renovation savings for the year so that's extra money into the savings - yipee!!
    Plan for Jan is be very financially savvy and also do a 30 day yoga challenge gulp! Anyone else doing any exercise aims for the new year?
    Famof3 - Working our 10 year plan :D:D:D
    Aim no. 1 --- Save up £10,000 for house renovation (£6.3k - 8th Feb '18)
  • Right its been almost 2 months since my last post. In that time I've managed to add £3k to my house renovation fund which is great (I'm hoping to get this crossed off in the next few months) - really pleased with myself - plus its been Christmas/hubbies bday so by watching the pennies its made a huge difference. Aim for the next month is not to eat out at all... This is our one huge leisure spend and I really think we can cut back.... Fingers crossed!!!
    Chip chip chipping away!!
    Other news is the extension is going up! We are now up to the second floor joists and hoping to start the roof next week.
    I've also started adding everything I don't need onto Facebook marketplace and ebay. Hopefully some of it will sell and that's more money to the pot.
    Does anyone have any clue what to do with old laptops... we have about three in the house they are broken so we can't switch them on to delete the data and I have no clue what to do with them - take them to the tip to recycle? Should i be trying to destroy them to get rid of any data? Any tips would be welcome! :-)
    Famof3 - Working our 10 year plan :D:D:D
    Aim no. 1 --- Save up £10,000 for house renovation (£6.3k - 8th Feb '18)
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