can you get sectioned for anxiety and depression?

I went to my ESA assessment alone because I had nobody to go with me, I was in their 20 minites and the women asked me how i got there and I said but bus which is a 50 minite bus journey there and back.. I spoke about how my depression and anxiety affects me but I think going on the bus alone there when I wrote in my assessment form I can't travel without anixety is going to go against me. I was wondering how hard is it to get sectioned because i've got no support since i fell out with my foster parents and if i get sectioned i will get help. i have been feeling really depressed, do i go to my gp and tell him that i'm ready to hurt myself and will then section me. i'm worried because i don't want to end up homeless? what do I have to do to get sectioned, is it hard?


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