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Last-minute issues: Does anybody else store Xmas food overstocks in a nice cold (unheated) lobby?! - Page 2

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Last-minute issues: Does anybody else store Xmas food overstocks in a nice cold (unheated) lobby?!

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    gardner1 wrote: »
    Our turkey will be stored in nice cold garage for a couple of days
    A busy porch sounds fine & a self rectifying problem. It's the coal shed I worry about, as it's not as cold here in Lancs as I'd like for the season & running water through the shed is not going to be easy...

    It's great to hear that other people also use their home's outbuildings for surplus food storage. Our own shelving rack in the garage is alwasy full - of tools at the base, & food tins at the top. And we've left a potato ssack in there too.

    To ponder: After all, we're only doing what our ancestors would have had to do. When there were no such things as fridges, & larders were key to food storage. If we think back to the days when only certain houses had an 'ice house' - if the owners were lucky enough to be monied & owned a large house with the grounds to build such an outhouse. And that formed their fridge of the day! I'd never even heard of such a thing as an ice house till the novel by Minette Walters ( It's amazing to think what our relatibes had to handle, through necessity.

    Money, money, money . . . ! ;)

    [QUOTATION:] " You do realise 'vintage' is a middle-class word for 'second-hand' " (Dane Baptiste, comedian)
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