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Cheaper Oil for Fuel?

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  • jiggy2jiggy2 Forumite
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    49.50 per litre in the south east - order placed a couple of days ago
  • Ordered 1,000 ltrs @ £0.5023 per litre ex vat through very gritted teeth....

    Just a thought but how about setting up some sort of buying group via MSE Members - admittedly it would have to be a national provider but perhaps a bit of collective purchasing is required here?
  • G_MG_M Forumite
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    To be honest I think there;s so many clubs I doubt you'd get the price down much further - but it's a thought.

    Go to Martins boring Manchester gig and suggest it to him!
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    Cottage_EconomyCottage_Economy Forumite
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    In the end I bit the bullet and ordered from 500 litres from boilerjuice at 49.78p per litre (south lincs).

    Homefuelsdirect was fractionally more expensive. Interestingly, I've just looked back at the historic fuel prices on Homefuelsdirect to discover that it had some kind of pricing blip for 2 days at the end of August where it was more expensive than Boilerjuice, and that's when I was looking.

    Two other fuel suppliers that I contacted for quotes never bothered getting back to me. Our local club was more expensive.

    Our 23 year old boiler was replaced last week for a nice new efficient model so that will help our fuel consumption.
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  • Rodders53Rodders53 Forumite
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    Our village 'club' has just ordered with the local Oil Company. 47.5p/l +vat. Get it tomorrow, they should 'fill er up' and e-mail Invoice me later, as usual.

    I'd been keeping an eye on prices with FuelTool. After a gradual reduction for some weeks, they'd jumped from approx 48p/l on Fri 30th Nov to 52p on Monday 3rd Dec for the 800 litres or so I need! I was prepared for a higher price so quite pleased.
  • s_glovers_glover Forumite
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    Ordered 900 litres through Boiler Juice today for 46.1p/L + VAT for delivery by Wednesday 9th (North Yorks)
  • annabanana82annabanana82 Forumite
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    I generally order through Boiler Juice, but I tend to buy via Quidco, there is usually a £6 cash back offer for new customers but quickly setting up a new email address suffices. Now that I never get money back from buying weekends, having multiple accounts with BJ makes no odds.
  • Filled the tank around 2 weeks ago and paid £0.4375 per litre, plus 5% VAT

    From reading around prices already seem to be on the rise again...just thought I'd share in case anyone had forgotten to do their orders.

    Anyone ITK have any ideas where I can find price trends online?
  • fyrfyr Forumite
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    Look at right hand side of this web page:
  • Rodders53Rodders53 Forumite
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    fyr wrote: »
    Look at right hand side of this web page:
    I so wish I lived there! 45.5p/l.
    Via our village 'club' I just got 800 litres delivered to fill up at 46.95p/l + vat.
    They delivered a day early, too. Good job the padlock was off ;)

    Still with my OAP government fuel subsidy it was effectively half that price :beer:

    Diesel and petrol near me (Bedford) is expensive cf Milton Keynes and it was a lot cheaper in Lowestoft when we went there on a short break a week ago. I do find the whole fuel pricing thing a lottery.
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