NST Join In January 2019 - In With The New

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    Will post more fully tomorrow but just so I get off the starting line reporting my first NSD for 2019.
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    Hi all:j

    Happy New Year to all turtles!!

    NSDs Aiming for 10 as am going away on 22nd for a few days (Christmas treat) : 1 / 10

    Make plans for the month Planned visit to Barcelona later in the month. Rail ticket & plane already paid for. DH sat down with me & planned a few trips, not sure which if any to be taken this month, watch this space.

    Always pay your debts first No debts but do use a cc which is paid in full every month...need to rein this in, spending has been frightful of late..

    List your frogs Need to do this, although dealt with a massive frog which was working out the amount taken out of business ac as it had to be paid back in order not to incur a lot of tax. Took me ages & was very shocked at amount needing to be repaid...will take this in hand as of NOW.

    Little Savings Put in a £2 coin that I had in my change the other day, will get cash out & pay in to bank.

    Chill out – working on this.

    Helping othersRegular shift in CS.

    Always be grateful – Grateful for:

    Nice NY dinner with ingredients already in, made from scratch other than YP which were voted the worst bit of the meal..lesson learned.

    DD surviving her 14 hour NYE shift (ES worker) despite having their car rammed by some idiot

    Lovely sunny day

    New to You Have more than enough of pretty much everything clothes wise etc but still looking online, forced self not to purchase. Will need printer ink soon as all run out. Will be shopping tomorrow but don't need much.

    Get involved – Here!

    Exercise Just a bit of exercise today outside in garden with pooches, couldn't go till late as DD asleep after night shift (dogs bark).

    Sort it outNeed to do this & will be eating for stuffed freezers & cupboards for January. Will need fresh food milk & animal food, but that should be it.

    GO Turtles!!!!
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    Greent - thank you! me too! He seems to be a bit better today but need to wake him at 1am for his next lot! :(

    Sashnut - hope your DD is ok!
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    crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Morning all :hello: :coffee:
    Well I have had less than 6 hours of sleep but on the plus side the migraine is gone. It's been a while since I had a headache like that :tongue:
    Chocolatelover - hope that your ds is on the mend, and sashanut I hope that your dd is ok.
    Welcome Dickenslass, good to have you here.
    So, plans for the day are minimal. I have already checked my banking and it is dire, but I have at least faced it. Deep breath and remember I need to just keep plodding for now.
    I have to take naughty tortie to the vet for her vaccinations - shouldn't cost anything but she does have a habit of costing a lot of money so I won't hold my breath.
    Frogs for today may include taking the Christmas tree down and meal planning for the next few days. Depends what takes my fancy or what gets on my nerves the most.
    I have a question about food for all of you that like cooking. I got a cheeseboard for Christmas but I absolutely detest blue cheese. Is there any point at all in my trying to use it up in some sort of recipe or am I just better off sucking up a tiny bit of waste now rather than chucking away a load of stuff later? If so, can anyone suggest a use for it?
    In terms of my mental health I will nap if I need to, get out for a brief walk and I would really like to try and finish my latest crochet blanket - 7 rounds to go, which sounds like nothing but it's a very big blanket so not as straightforward as it sounds.
    Have a good day everyone :coffee:
  • shabbychic12shabbychic12 Forumite
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    Same problem here re the blue cheese - what can you use it for? Won't be a nsd here as l need to get some fruit and veg to go with the meat mountain l seem to hv squirreled away. Will be slowly taking down Christmas today and tomorrow but will also be taking sometime for me. My resolution is more mindfulness but all l seem to be at the moment is more stressed.
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  • brizzlegirlbrizzlegirl Forumite
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    Hi all :wave:

    I love blue cheese but think it’s best in a pasta sauce or with veggies etc in a quiche/ pie. Works particularly well with roasted butternut squash. I think it also freezes if you want to stash it away for another time, when you have guests for example.

    Had a lovely relaxing day yesterday. Small spend of groceries for friends we are staying with so my first LSD of January. Also did 5k run - hard work on the return leg but worth it. Did a TT yesterday and today to try and get those pesky totals down.

    Have a great day turtles xxx
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    On a late shift today so thought I'd post nice and early :)

    Spend free days (NSD’s)I'm going to aim for 20 as money is going to be pretty tight this month - today will be a NSD so 2/20.

    Make plans for the monthI've got a couple of things planned for this month but will make sure that they are as low budget as possible - first is a catch up with the girls next week, we would usually go out somewhere for tea but are going round to someone's house instead and each taking something for the meal. It will probably involve a small spend but much less than going to a restaurant or pub :)

    Always pay your debts firstBudget is done for January and debt payment has been made - some direct debits came out and I've paid £1.12 to the debt.

    List your frogsMade a start on this and will add to the list as I think of more - nothing ticked off the list so far today.

    Little savings I've added a whole £2.50 to my emergency fund taking it to £9.50 :rotfl:, will continue to add as I can - added 50p, now have £10 :D

    Chill out – Will aim to read a bit every day. I've also got a few adult colouring books which have been sitting there for ages so will aim to do some colouring in too - read some of my book earlier.

    Helping others – I've set up a charity donation which will come out at the start of the month. I'll also add items to the food bank whenever I'm in the supermarket - planning a sort through of clothes at some point so will take a bag to the CS.

    Always be gratefulWill post 3 gratitudes each day - double pay at work, for being stocked up on tissues, throat sweets, etc (absolutely full of the cold today) and getting a decent amount of sleep.

    New to YouMe and OH are planning to do a huge sort though of all our stuff, there's still unopened boxes from when we moved in, who knows what treasures we might find ;) - no progress on this today.

    Get involvedI always struggle with daily posting but will try this month - I'm here :D

    ExerciseI really need to get back into exercising regularly. I got some vouchers for Christmas to get more running shoes so that will be my first step - had planned to go to the gym/for a run but definitely won't manage that. Going to go for a wee walk around the park to get some fresh air before work.

    Sort it out I don't really have anything in the cupboards lurking that doesn't get used except spices but will aim to use up some of them - nothing used up today.
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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Good morning guys
    Today will be another NSD. It’s frozen solid outside so it will be straight to work and then straight home again.
    Yesterday I was thankful for a lovely nap in the afternoon, friends popping by and good simple food.
    We finally finished the biscuits yesterday. The only Xmas stuff left now is alcohol which will last and some cream cheese which will be baked on mushrooms tomorrow.
    I hope everyone is keeping well
    I better get ready for work
    May NSDs 10/16
  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Happy New Year turtles!

    I am a day behind with my updates after being out all day yesterday and then too tired to come on the forum

    Spend free days (NSD’s) – Aiming for 15 - Achieved first NSD yesterday. I have a dentist appointment today where I will have to pay the check up fee. Is this exempt like prescriptions?

    Make plans for the month – Fabulous walk with friends yesterday. No other dates added to the diary for this month but added 1 for Feb and 1 for June!

    Always pay your debts first – No DD payments out yet but sum transferred to regular saver

    List your frogs – no progress yesterday as out all day on a walk

    Little Savings – created a new YNAB category for the 1p savings challenge and added January's payments

    Chill out – Spent the day outside and read my book when got home

    Helping others – spoke to friend who works for charity and checked what they will and wont take. Rest will go to charity shop in village.

    Always be grateful – yesterday I was grateful for:

    1) Beautiful weather
    2) Free champagne
    3) New friends

    New to You –checked out what I need to do to join the volunteer library and will do this next week when DS returns to school (free parking)

    Get involved – didn't post yesterday as out all day and knackered. Will post today's update tonight

    Exercise – 11 mile walk

    Sort it out – Used up frozen leftover curry, rice and biriyani from Boxing Day, frozen pizzas, wedges, cheese, crackers, tinned soup, mince pies and Christmas chocolates
    Save £10,500 - £2673.77 - 25.5%
    Pay off £7000 - £1743 - 19.4%
    Make £2021 extra income - £99.75
  • Best laid plans of mice and men... No baby clinic, charity collection point or library today. Last night I started to feel unwell, today I have a full blown fever with temperature, shakes, significant joint pain, zero appetite and crushing headache. Oh good. Used all the energy I had for the day to get nappies in washer/drier to avoid running out, any further energy goes into changing DD.

    On the upside, I will get an NSD.

    - DH is home today and can take over baby bee care (aside from feedings, unless he feels like lactating :ROFL:)
    - CatBee being relatively well behaved and cuddling on the bed with me and DD
    - Warm salt baths
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