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    Hi ya,

    I hope that it is ok for me to post in this thread (I wanted to do it before my bottle goes).

    Could I join please? I am going though a tough time at the moment with my mental health (depression, anxiety etc) and hoping it will help me.

    I understand if not

    tears xx

    Hey tears,

    You are more than welcome... I have added you to the list. You've picked a good bunch to join - we're a friendly lot and no turtle gets left behind.

    Are you getting some help with your mental health? I will presume that you have some strategies for dealing with the bad days but do just jump right in. Enjoy the good days and survive the bad, and talk if it makes you feel better. :)
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    Spend free days (NSD’s)I'm going to aim for 20 as money is going to be pretty tight this month - nothing spent today so 1/20.

    Make plans for the monthI've got a couple of things planned for this month but will make sure that they are as low budget as possible - first is a catch up with the girls next week, we would usually go out somewhere for tea but are going round to someone's house instead and each taking something for the meal. It will probably involve a small spend but much less than going to a restaurant or pub :)

    Always pay your debts firstBudget is done for January and debt payment has been made. I'll update YNAB tomorrow - YNAB has been updated, no additional debt payments today.

    List your frogsMade a start on this and will add to the list as I think of more - nothing ticked off the list today, nothing added either :)

    Little savings I've added a whole £2.50 to my emergency fund taking it to £9.50 :rotfl:, will continue to add as I can - OH added some coppers to the jar, once full I'll pop into the bank and add it to the emergency fund.

    Chill out – Will aim to read a bit every day. I've also got a few adult colouring books which have been sitting there for ages so will aim to do some colouring in too - did some colouring earlier.

    Helping others – I've set up a charity donation which will come out at the start of the month. I'll also add items to the food bank whenever I'm in the supermarket - planning a sort through of clothes at some point so will take a bag to the CS.

    Always be gratefulWill post 3 gratitudes each day - double pay at work, chilling out with OH, chatting to family.

    New to YouMe and OH are planning to do a huge sort though of all our stuff, there's still unopened boxes from when we moved in, who knows what treasures we might find ;) - no progress on this today.

    Get involvedI always struggle with daily posting but will try this month - I'm here :D

    ExerciseI really need to get back into exercising regularly. I got some vouchers for Christmas to get more running shoes so that will be my first step - lazy day today, other than work I've been lounging round in my PJs :):o

    Sort it out I don't really have anything in the cupboards lurking that doesn't get used except spices but will aim to use up some of them - nothing used up today.
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    hello and welcome, tearsandrain :) We're a friendly bunch here :) xx
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    Hello tears -welcome to the turtles!
    NST Janus; NSD 1; Ex

    MFWDate: very soonish. I hope...
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    CCL - Hope the migrane goes, I suffer too and they're horrible! sending hugs xx

    Tears - welcome and sending hugs xx

    Hope you all had a lovely new year! I spent the first 3 hrs in hospital with my son, he's had the same ear infection for over a month and now has tonsilitus so we're on antibiotic lot number 5 :eek::eek: hoping that this lot will work and he'll be clear of it!
    So been a mummy and baby day today with lots of cuddles and naps!

    Spend free days (NSD’s) – 0/10
    Got a £10 voucher for Argos that needs using tomorrow so browsing the sales know with postage it's gonna cost a bit but if I can get a gift for someone that's one less to think of and the money will come out of my present budget for the month.

    Make plans for the month – Got to take mum to drs tomorrow so will take my own drink :)

    Always pay your debts first – Just in my OD by £9.00 which is a lot better than the £90 it has been each week!

    List your frogs – Have listed 2 things on FB and Sp0ck this evening, put xmas decs away and have given away some xmas chocs that I won't work.

    Little savings – 1p in my pot! :D

    Chill out – Had a nice shower after putting my son to bed, just chilling with a candle on and watching a bit of Netflix before going on my PS4 :)

    Always be grateful:
    1.Dr's working on NYE and seeing my son
    2. My mum bringing me and son a Maccys
    3. Cuddles from my son.

    Get involved – Hello! :wave:]

    Exercise – Not gonna lie done no exercise today just been trying to catch up on sleep.

    Sort it out – Have used up some xmas bits today.

    C xx
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  • Welcome tears

    Oh yes to bingeing on wsm apple. I will confess on here, DH is away for work and as such missed the final tonight, I may have watched half of it by myself this evening whilst DD rolled round the room. When we watch it together when he gets back I shall have to look suitably surprised!

    Raphael I've done that with the hangers, works really well :) only problem is I have an old pink joules sweatshirt, had it for years, used to muck out in it. The hanger never gets turned back because I don't wear it because DH hates it. But it's survived so many culls!

    Plan for tomorrow is baby clinic, library, and I'm going to ask in the health food shop if they could take a bag of donations for the local women's refuge network. They have a small bin for people to put a packet of pads/tampons in etc but I reckon I could manage several carriers of disposable nappy samples (don't use them), baby toiletries (turns out DD has sensitive skin), lady's toiletries and I can buy some more nappies and pads. Just not sure they have room in the shop to take them. I always want to donate to women's refuges but by their nature it's tricky. I am so grateful for DH's support but I also know what it's like when he's not around simply due to his job, I know he wants to be here. I can't imagine someone not just being absent but being abusive too whilst trying to look after children. Makes me physically shudder. Anyway, that is my plan for tomorrow.
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    I spent the first 3 hrs in hospital with my son, he's had the same ear infection for over a month and now has tonsilitus so we're on antibiotic lot number 5 :eek::eek: hoping that this lot will work and he'll be clear of it!

    Aahhhh! Sorry to hear that - fingers crossed that this lot of antib's sees him right as rain again x
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    Spend free days (NSD’s) – NSD today 1/20.

    Make plans for the month – Planning to see 2 films at cinema. Will bring my own refreshments. The cost is £4.99 per film. These are my only plans at the moment.

    Always pay your debts first – Budget set. No debt. Do have savings, monthly DD already set up. Will add extra when I can. Check savings account that interest added.
    List your frogs – So far only aiming to do somethings in the flat. Getting new carpets/lino (free appointment already booked for Thursday for measurements etc) and new curtains. Anything extra is a bonus. Did a small amount of frogs today, eg putting Christmas decorations away.

    Little savings – Any change from each week I will put coins into coin bags and when full will put into savings accounts. Also am always on the lookout for roadkill.

    Chill out – This I already do. Will carry on with self-care, eg meditation, reading, wordsearch. This is very important for my MH. Done self care.

    Helping others – I will be making donation to SA as usual. Will be looking into food bank donation.

    Always be grateful – Grateful for: telephone calls to brother and sister, Doctor Who and watching a couple of Peter Ustinov's Piorot films that I recorded yesterday.

    New to You – This I will be doing. Got quite a few cross stitch kits that I can start on.

    Get involved – Checking in

    Exercise – I also have joined up for R.E.D. January. Walked in the park.

    Sort it out – Will be making sure I am using everything up. Will be using up my toiletries – these I have really got down and monitoring them closely.
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  • 1st NSD today. Took the dogs out to a local forest for a lovely walk in the sunshine so that ticked off my exercise for the day and tired them out while we did a few jobs about the house. Frog list written and a couple of small jobs ticked off. Continuing to use up food from a family party at the weekend but still to do an inventory of the cupboards and freezer. Chill out time was watching a game of thrones boxset which i started about 2 years ago. 2019 is the year I'm going to keep the stuff i love and use, the rest can go to someone else. Starting with boxsets and books. Back to work tomorrow so i better get ready for bed!
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  • Hi! Could I join, sneaking in just a few minutes ahead of midnight? A long term sporadic lurker, whose decided enough is enough, the time is now!
    Trying to keep to a resolution of bed before midnight so will be very brief.
    Ate the frog of sorting out access to the forum and to email account today! Many misremembered attempts later, all is now working! Also pumped my bike tyres up, and ordered a couple of things I needed to complete house projects, both of which were in the sale!
    Aiming for 15 NSD - am allowing spends on work expenses, as long as these are reclaimed!
    Exercise - cycled to the beach, and swam today - not regular occurrences, either of them!
    Use it up - end of pastry that I found in the fridge made for 9 mince pies, 7 of which are surviving!
    Little savings - loose change located whilst tidying, tidied into a moneybox that was heading from a friend to the CS.
    Make plans - am on it! Took lunch today, instead of joining in fish and chips, was nicer, faster, and cheaper! Only spent out on 3x teas for my friends and I. Remembered reusable cup but not flask!!
    Gratitudes - wonderful friends, a beautiful place to ride and swim in, Christmas bath salts to ease my very weary legs!
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