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2019 Fashion on the Ration Challenge

edited 14 February 2019 at 1:15PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • CapricornLassCapricornLass Forumite
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    Oh hurrah! I'm up for this again.

    Did bust the limit well and truely last year - unfortunately I had to buy a pair of ankle boots as the soles of my old pair split and in the words of the song - were letting in water! On the plus side, I did manage to get them in the sale....
    My 1942 jumper is slowly being knitted up. I've just got one sleeve (started) and the neck to do. Unfortunately I had to unpick the first sleeve and recalculate the shaping as the original pattern was two inches short.... Don't know if I will finish this by the end of January, but will try.
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  • jackieblackjackieblack Forumite
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    PipneyJane wrote: »
    Yes, equate tights with “stockings” at 2 coupons a pair. That is rather expensive, so have you tried the “freezer trick” to help them last longer? There’s a theory that freezing nylon changes the bonds between the molecules, making them stronger; it is recommended to place your new stockings in the freezer for the night before wearing them.

    I’ve never heard of that. I don’t really have a problem with tights laddering, it’s my big toenails that kill them! I usually wear thick opaque tights as a result - I can sew the holes up if necessary :D
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  • BabyStepperBabyStepper Forumite
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    Welcome! :)

    I think any kind of costing is virtually impossible, because there's no allowance made for quality or materials or brand.... so my cheap £-4 Primark cotton top would be the same number of coupons as someone else's £100+ organic, hand-woven, designer top!
    Thanks for the welcome and for explaining this. I've had a stroll through the 2018 thread and think I understand a bit more about this challenge. I'm looking forward to sticking to the rations, buying better quality clothing that actually lasts, and attempting to make new things out of what I already own.

    A couple of questions...does anyone know how I can get the bobbly bits off my full length wool winter coat that is now in it's third winter and going strong apart from the bobbles? I have also tolerated the buttons coming undone themselves, the buttonholes are in the lining, and it has only just occured to me I can probably stitch them up easily to make them stay put.

    I have already picked up a few good tips, segs for my shoes, totally forgot they existed, and tights in the freezer, worth a try. I'll keep reading and trying things out.

    In the meantime I have a dress that I would like to turn into a skirt. I have very limited experience of clothes altering but I'm up for trying.
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  • TahlullahTahlullah Forumite
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    A couple of questions...does anyone know how I can get the bobbly bits off my full length wool winter coat that is now in it's third winter and going strong apart from the bobbles?

    Back in the day, my mother would have us sitting and picking the bobbles off by hand. OK for children. Perhaps considered slave labour nowadays. Otherwise, there used to be a small hand held machine called a Remington Fuzaway. You could try ebay.
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  • BabyStepperBabyStepper Forumite
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    My OH has clippers to cut his hair, think those would work? Or would I end up with a coat full of holes?!
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    Mortgage overpayment £50
    £21,228.07 paid off in 22 months
  • PollyWollyDoodlePollyWollyDoodle Forumite
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    :eek: I wouldn't risk the clippers! There are proprietary gadgets for removing 'pilling'- this is one but there are others.
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  • Laura_ElsewhereLaura_Elsewhere Forumite
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    My OH has clippers to cut his hair, think those would work? Or would I end up with a coat full of holes?!

    I suspect either you'd get a coat full of holes or an OH looking sorrowfully at you over the wreckage of his bluntened clippers! :)

    I resurrected a beloved jumper that was almost invisible under the horrible bobbling, by begging my noble OH to spend several evenings picking the bits off - worth trying a barter system? Or do you have any children (own or borrowed) you could set at it as a competition? :)
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  • I hadn’t spotted this challenge. It is a lovely idea and probably very good for me to try.
    Over the last few years I’ve got much better at buying used or making clothes. I sew and loom knit so it will be good to have a challenge that includes the fabric and yarn. I might adapt slightly to takeinto account expense of fabrics (I often make clothes in cheaper fabric with a panel/ front in a more expensive print). I use the Lutterloh system for sewing and have collected lots of vintage patterns so I make a mix of styles through the decades from 1940s to present day!
    I do have staples I buy new and I need to keep an eye on that asI tend to buy multiples when I find the right thing as it is really annoying when I want to replace them and they are no longer sold (mainly thermals in various colours for layering and jeans)
    I look forward to having a go at this as it will beinteresting!

    Sorry about typos etc!
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  • SayschezzaSayschezza Forumite
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    PipneyJane keep an eye out for the event held in Chatham dockyard each year called ' Salute to the 40's '.

    I love following this thread but I know I couldn't keep to the challenge. Cheering you all on though.
  • RicardaRacoonRicardaRacoon Forumite
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    Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for setting up the new tread Pip, and welcome to all the newbies!

    I did spend some coupons on the last day of the year... FInally decided to bit the bullet and buy undies... I hate buying underwear with a passion so opted for multipack... But made sure they were black and without frills to unravel, so should a) last longer and b) look nice longer. Coupons came from my Mum who bought two pairs of shoes in 2018... And since most of her knitting yarn could be explained with socks-for-soldiers as she knits for charity she would likely have had coupons left she could give to me.

    re bobbles on clothes; there are also sort of combes to get them out. And somewhere I read you could use a shaver but would not try that...

    I hope to get through the frist few months with all my coupons intact... Just have to keep out of the yarn shops....
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