NST Join In January 2019 - In With The New

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    Can I join in please? Sorry, just got back from Norn Iron this afternoon.

    Spend free days (NSD’s) Im in for 20

    Make plans - nothing planned!

    Always pay debts first – my debt is my mortgage and I will hit all the 9's in January (£99.999.99).

    List your frogs – will line my frogs up in a row and tackle them one by one.

    Little savings - I do like my accounts to be 'neat and tidy' so I do shunt the odd pennies into the mortgage account, and then 'tidy' down, my house is a mess, but my accounts are tidy!

    Chill out – reading, and baths, possibly combining the two.

    Helping others – will endeavour

    Always be grateful –today I am grateful to be back at home, that step gran did not die
    while I was visiting - (she announced she wants me to find her when she dies - ???), for de-christmasifying the living room in less than 10 minutes, and for the battery powered fairy lights moving into the hall and looking fab on the mirror in there instead. :T

    New to You –I have a few projects cluttering up a few corners that I really should just get my finger out and start. It will get rid of some cloth in the cloth pile, and will make cushion covers and a footstool cover, P.E kitbags, and a few tablecloths. All I need to find is the motivation.

    Get involved – ok

    Exercise – This is the last month I say I am going to the gym. This month I go, at least 20 times, or it absolutely goes. End of. No more excuses. You can kick me on the shins if I don't (turtles still have shins?? don't they?- if not, then you can kick me on the ankles )

    Sort it out – I have let DH have free rein in my pantry for 5 days -unsupervised - tomorrow is inventory day and then I will endeavour to use up odds and sods and bits and things. I currently have no idea what he has bought, or used, or even what is in the fridge. The thought is terrifying. Will deal with tomorrow as he is back at work.
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  • Damn, just lost my post! Anyway, in a nutshell I haven't had an NSD as I took DD for a walk and found Mr Morrison's grocery emporium had many reduced things. I needed a Quorn stock up so bought lots of heavily discounted frozen Quorn items, then the rest of my weekly shop was made up of yellow stickers. I have rewritten my meal plan. In for a penny, in for a pound, I then: paid the milkman, paid for the next block of sessions of baby bee's baby group, placed a large order with a new website that sells ethical groceries and homewares. Delivery is slow but it's half the price of most websites/health food shops and I have many interesting things arriving (I get worryingly excited by biodegradable baby things, recycled tin foil, tins of "mock duck" etc). So spends today are:

    Groceries: 71.71 (this may cover next week too...)
    Household: 1.89 (recycled plastic pegs!)
    Baby bee: 28

    Grateful for:
    - surprise yellow sticker shop
    - affordable recycled items and veggie foods
    - DD falling asleep for her nap by herself; astonishing!
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    Today has been a NSD. Went for a walk as planned, it was sunny and quite warm really considering. Had jacket potatoes for lunch then took all the Christmas decorations down and did a quick clean up. Seemed a bit of a task to get everything packed up and into the loft but it's all in there now.

    Recycled some packaging and cards and had to bin some other bits of packaging that seem to have been in with my decorations forever. Two more dvd's going to work with DH tomorrow, they get passed around all the guys there and then donated to CS. Had my hm mushroom soup for tea with a part baked baguette (baked obviously) and DH also had one of the pork pies.

    Working tomorrow then off until next week, have made the kids a packed lunch and put in the fridge as they will be on their own, am taking hm curry leftovers for my lunch.
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    greent wrote: »
    Dottydaisy - I simply had to say what a lovely post. May 2019 be your year xx

    I agree! It was lovely!
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    Today I am grateful for a fair night's sleep, for headspace, for binging on WSM (I know I've already watched them, but back-to-back episodes was too good to miss!), for getting some important work done, for going out for a walk with dh and dd, for dd loving her bike and getting out on it as much as she can, for dd getting most of her homework done, for teddy-making happening, for a brand new year!
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    Happy new year all!!

    Last night I logged on to play a game over the internet with my bestie (its called Viscera cleanup, and you clean a building from the aftermath of a rampaging monster, or in last nights case, rampaging santa. Lots of bits of elf bodies and reindeer parts to mop up.) Had a couple of vodkas that I was gifted for xmas, and at 10pm I went to bed.

    Today I've been doing an extra shift in work (extra, and double pay!) Only one customer complained that it was "disgusting" that we charged time & half for NYD. He said he would not be using us, I brightly replied "Okay, thank you :) goodbye" and hung up on him.
    Does he really think drivers would be out on NYD if they couldn't earn extra? No, they'd be home with thier families.
    Every other customer was expecting the extra.
    Spend free days (NSD’s) – 1/25 First day sucessful.

    Little savings – Extra pennies earned today, won't get them paid til next friday. Found 5p in work, so that's in my pot.

    Chill out – Very pleasant evening last night online with my chum. going to pop the xbox on later and play an hour or two of F.E.A.R

    Always be grateful – Today I am grateful for : Bf dropping me a carton of milk to work so I can have teas. Bf cooking the NYD noms this evening (nice bit of beef) and discovering Cheese-its in the break room:)

    New to You – Nothing bought today. I have done the trick of turning all the hangers the wrong way round in my wardrobe. When you wear and wash something you put it back in the right way round. After a couple of months you can easily see what you have been wearing and what you haven't touched. I shall then go and sell/donate some clothes.

    Get involved – I am here!

    Exercise – No exercise today. I have a race on sunday, so would like to run at least once before then.
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    Make plans for the monthDS2’s bday will mean a meal out/ takeaway. May possibly purchase a Grooopon afternoon tea for myself and OH as a treat Will also add in 1 takeaway towards month end Nothing today. DS2 has chosen a Nand0s for next weekend - I can reduce the cost as I have a free meal to take there :T

    Always pay your debts first
    have sto & ddr to savings & ISA. Extra monies to holiday savings. Hoping to keep food spends relatively low for the month… Have some late Xmas and DD’s 21st spends on 0% CC – will clear no later than Feb payday. - £5 to holiday savings today - £2.62 cashback rounded up :D

    List your frogs Today's frog was getting OH's expenses up to date and claimed - DONE

    Little savings Yep – have sto going out 1st monthly. 'Shrapnel' change and £2 coins used for holiday fund :) - see above re cback to hol savings

    Chill out – Whatever helps you to relax, make time for this – even if it’s only 15 minutes a day Planning on exercise, reading – and ironing! :D 45 minute walk today. Plan on also doing some ironing :)

    Helping others – If you can, please consider donating to charity or to your local food bank. – Added another item to CS bag today

    Always be grateful – Take time every day to think about and write down three things in life that you are grateful for. – �� Today - a lie in after a late night, a family brunch, easy food for dinner (leftovers), an afternoon walk

    New to You nothing today

    Get involved – Try and check in Yep

    Exercise Have signed up to Red January (www.redtogether.co.uk) 45 minute walk this afternoon - apparently 350 calories burned :T
    Sort it out – Your food cupboards and stores. Proper sort out to be done next weekend. However, have gone through fridge to check no food waste imminent
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    Evening all, Happy New Year :)

    NSDs – Aiming for 10, nothing spent today, so 1 / 10 :)

    Make plans for the month – 3 birthdays to buy presents for this month, the first of which is on Saturday. Good news is that I have most of what I need for this present. Will look for a small item to go with what I already have tomorrow (probably). Hopefully in a sale!

    Always pay your debts first – No debts here (not now, anyway!). Standing orders for savings will go out on their allotted days.

    List your frogs – Need to do this, though I am fairly good at tackling frogs as and when they arise. My last job involved almost continuous frog sorting, often juggling multiple frogs at the same time - love this image :rotfl: so I guess the habit has stayed with me!

    Little Savings – I have £7 worth of saved up coins (the annoying coppers and 5ps that seem to take over my purse if I let them!) counted out and ready in their bags to go to the building society :)

    Chill out – I am fairly chilled out these days :)

    Helping others – Regular donation to food bank to do when I next go to the supermarket. I also need to sort out some items for the CS.

    Always be grateful – Grateful for:
    A dry, not too cold day when I could get out into the garden :)

    Nice food made from ingredients I already have :)
    A Happy New Year text just after midnight from my 11 year old grand daughter who was allowed to stay up to see the new year in for the first time :)

    New to You – I tend to do this anyway. I do have a couple of new (unfortunately) purchases planned for this month though - a new stair carpet and some wooden boards to replace rotten ones in my raised veg bed. Not enough suitable scrap wood has presented itself, so will have to bite the billet and buy some new. Both are budgeted for.

    Get involved – I am here :hello:
    Exercise – I have been gardening today - not very strenuous, but sweeping leaves and tidying up in the fresh air is better than nothing I am sure :)

    Sort it out – I have stuffed freezers and a stuffed larder, so will be meal planning to use some of it up and keep the food bill down during January :) Made a good start today, having made leek and potato soup for lunch using leeks from the garden and a splash of leftover cream, and fish gratin for dinner, to use up some not great frozen fish that has been lurking for ages. Both were lovely (even if I do say so myself :o) and there is enough soup for lunch tomorrow as well :)

    And I have my shiny new spending diary (a Christmas gift) and spreadsheet ready to go for 2019 :)
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    Hello :dance: _party_
    Welcome back to ponypal and f0xh0les :D
    Sounds as though everyone has had a pretty decent New Years Day of relaxing, decluttering, getting outdoors etc.
    I had my sister and her family visit for dinner this afternoon which was lovely. Did a bit of housework before that and made a start on removing signs of Christmas from the house - just the tree left to do. Made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and have put a couple of unwanted (for today) 'bits' in the freezer for a later date. Also managed a PAD to my debt and some financial 'sorting out'
    My daily frog was fleaing the cats... lovely.
    Today I'm grateful for:
    spending time with my sister
    watching WSM (yes, I saw a couple of episodes apple) with the kids
    a little nap late on in the morning
    migraine tablets (day 3 and it's still hanging on)
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    Hi ya,

    I hope that it is ok for me to post in this thread (I wanted to do it before my bottle goes).

    Could I join please? I am going though a tough time at the moment with my mental health (depression, anxiety etc) and hoping it will help me.

    I understand if not

    tears xx
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